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APSET 2013 Commerce Key for Paper 2 and Paper 3

Following is the official key released for APSET 2013 Commerce subject. The key for Paper 2 and Paper 3 are given below these sample questions. APSET is an entrance examination to assess the candidates for the eligibility of lectureship.

1) By default Tally creates
a) Sales a/c and Purchases a/c
b) Capital a/c and Opening stock a/c
c) cash a/c and P and L a/c
d) Capital a/c and Depreciation a/c

2) In which of the following types of controls, the source of an unsatisfactory outcome is traced back to the individuals responsible for it, so that they can correct it?
a) Direct Control
b) Preventive Control
c) Strategic Control
d) Management Control

3) Structural Adjustment facility is provided by
a) IBRD b) IMF c) WTO d) ADB

See APSET 2013 Commerce key Paper 2 and Paper 3:

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2 thoughts on “APSET 2013 Commerce Key for Paper 2 and Paper 3

  1. Harikiran

    I have completed my M.Tech in VLSID(VLSI Design).
    I want to know whether i am eligible for APSET or not, if i am eligible what
    subject i have to take , please give me suggestion .


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