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APPSC Junior Lecturers English Model Question Paper

Here is the model question paper for APPSC Junior Lecturers Exam for English Subject. The model question paper is useful for the coming APPSC Junior Lecturers notification.

1. “The Champak odour fail Like sweet thoughts in a dream”
Name the poet of the above lines who wrote The Revolt of Islam.
a) Shelley b) John Keats c) William Wordsworth d) S.T.Coleridge

2. “She dwells with Beauty – Beauty that must die A Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips? Bidding adieu.” John Keats wrote the above lines in the poem …
a) Endymion b) Hyperion
c) Ode on a Grecian Urn d) Ode on Melancholy

3. Identify one of the chief journals of the early Victorian Novel among the following.
a) The Spectator b) The Rambler c) Athenaeum d) The Examiner

4. Becky Sharp is an unforgettable character created by. . .
a) Emily Bronte b) Thackeray c) Charles Bronte d) George Eliot

5. Mrs. Caroline Norton was the heroine in the novel...
a) The Amazing Marriage
b) Diana of the Crossways
c) The Egoist d) Erehwon

6. “Certain uncommon suggestions for economic reform, focusing on the problems of the Wages and describing the true nature of wealth” occurs in the work . . .
a) Unto This Last b) The Stones of Venice
c) Modern Painters d) Wild Olive

7. Suspiria de Profundis is a work of great sensitiveness on a vast variety of subjects was authored by …
a) Matthew Arnold b) Thomas De Quincey
c) Leigh Hunt d) Harriet Monteau

8. Pick out one of Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poems published in 1832 from the following titles.
a) The Return of the Druses b) Luria c) Oenone d) In a Balcony

9. ‘The pain and bitterness of sensual indulgence’ is the incidence in Swinburne’s…
a) The Triumph of Time b) Laus Veneris
c) Aactoria Faustine d) The Leper

10. Thyrsis appeared in 1867 belongs to …
a) Edward Fitzgerald b) Matthew Arnold
c) John Keats d) Arthur Hugh Clough

11. My Sister’s Sleep was written by
a) D.G.Rossetti b) Christiana Rossetti
c) William Dunbar d) Lewis Carroll

12. “City! I am true son of Thine Never dwelt! Where great mornings shine Around the bleating pens;”
The lines given above are associated with the author …
a) Alexander Smith b) Sidney Dobell
c) Sir Lewis Morris d) Sir Samuel Ferguson

13. “Drink ! drink ! Open your mouth;
This air is as rich as wine…”
A Lighter Poet of the Victorian Poetry era wrote these lines. Mark him.
a) William Alligham b) Shaughnessay
c) Coventry Patmore d) Robert Buchanan

14. The Wreck of the Deutsch land belongs to . . .
a) W.B.Yeats b) G.M.Hopkins
c) Gordon Bottomley d) Francis Thompson

15. Louisa figures as a character in Dickens’. . .
a) Pickwick Papers b) Great Expectations
c) Oliver Twist d) Hard Times

16. “Axioms in philosophy are not axioms until they are proved upon our pulses” refers to
a) Shelley b) Keats c) Coleridge d) Byron

17. “My hate whose lash just heaven has long decrfeed Shall on a day make sin and folly bleed”
The above expression of wrath and agony came from . . .
a) Alexander Pope b) John Gay
c) Mathew Prior d) Jonathan Swift

18. Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady is related to the works of …
a) Thomas Gray b) Lord Alfred Tennyson
c) Alexander Pope d) Swift

19. The word picaresque is basically a ……… word.
a) Spanish b) Latin c) Greek d) Scandinavian

20. The Moral Letter Writer was written by
a) Henry Fielding b) Samuel Richardson
c) Tobias Smolette d) Philip Sydney

21. Lady Wishfort appears in William Congreve’s…
a) The Old Bachelor b) The Mourning Bride
c) Love for Love d) The Way of the World

22. Grace Abounding appeared in 1666 belongs to
a) John Bunyan b) John Earle c) Joseph Hall d) Thomas Hobbes

23. The Saint’s Everlasting Rest is a classic of
a) William Chillingworth b) Jeremy Taylor
c) Richard Baxter d) Thomas Carlyle

24. “Now I in you without a bodie move Rising and falling with your wings”
This metaphysical conceit is associated with . . .
a) George Herbert b) Henry Vaughan
c) John Donne d) Hopkins

25. “My vegetable love should grow Vaster than Empires and more slow”
Who are these lines from?
a) Abraham Cowley b) Andrew Marvell
c) Thomas Carew d) Richard Lovelace

26. The unheroic- hero in the novel The Man Eater of Malgudi is. . .
a) Nataraj b) Vasu,M.A. c) Sastri d) Kumar

27. In which of the works of William Cowper we find,
“God made the country and man made the town.” ?
a) The Task b) Table-Talk
c) Expostulation d) The Progress of Error

28. On Spring, On a Distant Prospect of Eton College and On Adversity are works of …
a) Horace Walpole b) William Shenstone
c) Thomas Gray d) John Dye

29. “At thirty man suspects himself a fool: Knows it at forty, and reforms his plan; At fifty chides his infamous delay Pushes his prudent purpose to resolve”
The above lines are extracted from the poem …
a) The Manly Lady b) Night Thoughts
c) A Night-Piece on Death d) The Court of Death

30. Alexander Pope’s The Dunciad was based on the analogy of …
a) Odyssey b) Chaucer’s The Prologue
c) Paradise Lost d) Iliad

31. The Skylark is a poem written by …
a) William Wordsworth b) P.B.Shelley
c) Jeremy Taylor d) Sir Thomas Browne

32. Political Register is a weekly newspaper which is very much associated with …
a) De Quincey b) Landor c) William Cobbet d) Alfred Tennyson

33. “Death is the end of life; ah, why Should life all labour be ?
There is no true joy but calm !”
Tennyson wrote the above lines in the poem …
a) The Lotos-eaters b) Ulysses
c) The Palace of Art d) The Two Voices

34. “In tragic life, God wot.
No villain need be! Passions spin the plot. We are betrayed by what is false within.”
The lines occur in the work known as Modern Love written by
a) Thomas Hardy b) James Thomson
c) George Meredith d) Christiana Rossetti

35. Augusta Webster (1837-1894) a famous Greek Translator and was also…
a) a woman poet b) a cavalier poet
c) a university wit d) a lake poet

36. One of Lewis Carroll’s works among the following is …
a) Hudibras b) The Hunting of the Snark
c) Drummer Hodge d) Love is Enough

37. The character Estella is found in Dickens’
a) A Tale of Two Cities b) Great Expectations
c) David Copperfield d) A Christmas Carol

38. The Newcomes of William Makepeace Thackeray is a sequel to his …
a) The Virginians b) Amelia c) Pendennis d) Christmas Books

39. Instauratio Magna is a famous prose work of the Elizabethan era, was written by
a) Francis Bacon b) Sir Walter Raleigh
c) Sir Philip Sydney d) John Lyly

40. Plutarch’s Lives was translated by
a) Thomas North b) Samuel Purchas
c) Graham Greene d) George Eliot

41. The Elizabethan Age in the History of English Literature occurred during
a) 1558—1603 b)1603—1625 c) 1649—1660 d) 1660—1700

42. What is Defoe’s attitude towards mechanical innovation in the
Essay of Projects?
a) The innovator of projects is a dreamer
b) Projects were to public advantage
c) Projects should be dismissed outright
d) Mechanical innovation itself is absurd

43. Spenser wrote a collection of poems in ‘honour of his lady love Elizabeth’ whom he married in 1594. The anthology of the poems is known as …
a) To the Dark Lady b) Shepherd’s Calendar
c) Amoretti d) Fairie Queen

44. The first true play in English with a regular plot and acts and scenes is …
a) Magnificence b) Necromancer
c) Ralph Roister Doister d) Soldiers

45. The author of Gammer Gurton’s Needle is …
a) Robert Greene b) William Stevenson
c) Johannes de Witt d) Richard Edwards

46. Certain socio-political features marked the Elizabethan Age. The feature that dominated was …
a) religious persecution b) religious tolerance
c) lack of patriotism d) politics

47. Philip Sydney’s Astrophel and Stella is …
a) an epic b) a historical romance
c) a collection of songs and sonnets d) criticism

48. Aids to Reflections was composed by the poet
a) Shelley b) Byron c) Alexander Pope d) Coleridge

49. “We know not where to look in history or letters, for a more commanding picture of Man, as he might be than in the Arthur of this volume. Wherever he appears, it is as the great pillar of the moral order and the resplendent top of human excellence.” Who made the comment?
a) Pit the Elder b) Gladstone
c) Disraeli Benjamin d) William Butler Yeats

50. Look out the poet was associated with the Trossachs, the Lake District of Scotland.
a) Robert Southey b) Walter Scott c) William Wordsworth d) Leigh Hunt

51. 'Say what you have to say, what you will have to say, in the simplest, the most direct and exact manner possible.” was, in fact, a piece of advice given by…
a) John Keats b) Matthew Arnold c) Walter Pater d) Ogden Nash

52. Thomas Gray’s poems The Bard and The Progress of Poesie are of …
a) Pastoral Elegy b) Pindaric Ode c) Horatian Ode d) Epic statures

53. “In the room women come and go Talking of Michaelangelo” are the lines found in …
a) The Wasteland b) Sweeny Agonistes
c) The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock d) None

54. Which of the following epithets cannot be applied to Robert Frost’s poetry…?
a) Regional b) Dramatic c) Conversational d) Neo-classical

55. All of Christopher Marlowe’s plays are …
a) comedies b) romantics c) tragedies d) miscellaneous

56. Time’s Laughing Stocks is a work of Thomas Hardy which is a ….
a) novel b) poem c) play d) collection of poems

57. Which of the following is a novel by James Joyce?
a) Portrait of a Lady b) Portrait of Miniature
c) Portrait of the Artist as a Youngman
d) Portrait of Fair Women

58. The period from 1832 to 1901 is specifically known as …
a) The Romantic Revival b) Neo-classical Age
c) Victorian Age d) Puritan Age

59. “All sounds, all colours and all forms call down among us certain disembodied powers whose footsteps over our hearts we call emotions” is a view of Yeats’ on
a) imagery b) symbolism c) word paint d) imagination

60. According to Aristotle, catharsis means …
a) purification b) a feeling of pity
c) inexpressible fear d) ardent love

61. “A quibble was to him the fatal Cleopatra for which he lost the world, and was content to lose it.” was criticism against ….
a) Matthew Arnold b) Ben Jonson c) T.S.Eliot d) Shakespeare

62. Emotions recollected in tranquillity is the definition of poetry termed by …
a) William Wordsworth b) S.T.Coleridge c) T.S.Eliot d) Byron

63. Maintaining an aesthetic distance of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact and reason is called
a) objective co-relative b) negative capability
c) willing suspension of disbelief
d) dissociation of sensibility

64. Touchstone method is …
a) a valid criterion for the assessment of poetry.
b) an estimation of the excellence of poetry.
c) a separate discourse with the entire universe of discourses.
d) the expression that predominates over action.

65. “Life is a tale told by an idiot, fully of sound and fury, signifying nothing” is an extract of
a) The Tempest b) Hamlet c) Romeo and Juliet d) Macbeth

66. The view that “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” was expressed by…
a) Belial b) Chemos c) Mammon d) Satan

67. “Here is God’s plenty” was said by John Dryden about the works of …
a) William Shakespeare b) Geoffrey Chaucer
c) Ben Jonson d) Marlowe

68. The Ode to Evening was written by
a) Thomas Gray b) Wilkie Collins c) John Keats d) Shelley

69. The work The Round Table by William Hazlitt is
a) a play b) a novel c) a lecture d) a collection of essays

70. Munoo is a central character in Mulk Raj Anand’s novel …
a) Coolie b) The Untouchable c) The Village d) The Big Heart

71. ‘Ours is essentially a tragic age ….’ Which of the following novels begins with this?
a) Lady Chatterley’s Lover b) Rainbow
c) Under the Greenwood Tree d) None of these

72. Name the biographer of the poets John Donne, Hooker and George Herbert.
a) Dr.Johnson b) James Boswell c) Isaac Waiton d) Lord Chesterfield

73. Thomas More’s Utopia shows the influence of …
a) Plato’s Republic b) Machiavelli’s The Prince
c) Homer’s Iliad d) Trojan War

74. Which 20th century poet alluded to the month of April in one of his poems?
a) W.H.Auden b) Spenser c) W.B.Yeats d) T.S.Eliot

75. Bartholomew Fair is a play by
a) Christopher Marlowe b) R.B.Sheridan c) Ben Jonson d) Bernard Shaw

76. The critical essay Shakespeare’s English Kings was written by
a) John Dryden b) S.T.Coleridge
c) William Hazlitt d) Lord Alfred Tennyson

77. Which pre-Raphaelite poet was discussed by Walter Pater in the book Appreciations?
a) Morris b) Coventry Patmore c) D.G. Rossetti d) James Thomson

78. The Mill on the Floss is the story of Maggie Tulliver and her brother ............
a) Tom b) Philip c) Dr. Kenn d) None of these.

79. Dramatic Opinions and Essays is a critical work authored by …
a) Charles Lamb b) William Hazlitt
c) Bernard Shaw d) William Wordsworth

80. The Peggotys appear in a novel by Charles Dickens. Identify the novel.
a) Bleak House b) Oliver Twist
c) The Old Curiosity Shop d) David Copperfield

81. The one poem of Rudyard Kipling is in cockney dialect. It is …
a) Danny Deever b) Fuzzy Wuzzy
c) Mandalay d) Our Lady of the Snows

82. Edmund Spenser’s Mother Hubbard’s Tale is
a) an elegy b) a satire on society c) an epic d) a novel

83. Name the personality that translated Milton’s Areopagitica into Bengali.
a) Tagore b) Sarojini Naidu
c) Dr.Shashi Bhushan Das Gupta
d) Aurobindo Ghosh

84. The comedy The Provoked Wife was written by
a) William Congreve b) Sir John Vanburgh
c) George Farquher d) Peele

85. Mention the time gap that went between Geoffrey Chaucer and Edmund Spenser.
a) 600 years b) 500 years c) 150 years d) 200 years

86. “He was the senior-most among the Romantic poets and outlived all of them except Landor. He belongs however by his style more to the eighteenth century and was an anachronism in the nineteenth.” Who does the word ‘he’ refer to?
a) Thomas Moore b) Samuel Roger
c) Thomas Campbell d) Thomas Hood

87. Which one of the following characteristics of Victorian Age is not correct?
a) The tendency of literature is strongly ethical
b) Science exercises influence.
c) The best known authors attack materialism and exact a purely ideal conception of life.
d) The literature of this age is removed from the practical problems of life.

88. One of John Masefield’s works dismissed by critics was about an artiste. What is the title of the poem ?
a) The Everlasting Mercy
b) The Widow in the Byestreet
c) The Dauber d) Romola

89. Beowulf was composed in Northumbria by a Christian poet working on pagan material in
a) the early 6th century.
b) the end of the 4th century.
c) the end of the 7th century.
d) the early 3rd century.

90. “I write plays with the deliberate purpose to convert the nation to my opinion.” Which of the dramatists made this bold avowal?
a) Pinero b) George Bernard Shaw
c) James Barrie d) William Congreve

91. Robert Browning’s Pauliane is a ..
a) tribute to Shelley and his poetry. b) social satire.
c) criticism of Tennyson. d) None

92. The turn of the phrase ‘The person the story is about …’ is known as
a) Theme b) Protagonist c) Flat Character d) Round Character

93. Who among the following is the critic who finds the basic critical principle in ambiguity ?
a) T.S.Eliot b) Yvor Winters c) William Empson d) J.C.Ransom

94. Writing Degree Zero was written by …
a) Jacques Derrida b) Roland Barthes c) T.S.Eliot d) F.R. Leavis

95. Name the meter used in Paradise Lost.
a) Pentameter of blank verse
b) Hexometer of Aeneid
c) Alexandrine d) None of these

96. “I am the dial’s hand, still walking hand, you are the compass.” Name the poet.
a) Thomas Carew b) John Donne c) Andrew Marvell d) George Herbert

97. Which of the following works was not conceived in dreams ?
a) Franakenstein b) The Moonstone
c) Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde d) Dr.Faustus

98. One of the following works of Shakespeare possesses an element
of colonialism. What’s it?
a) King Lear b) Cymbeline c) The Tempest d) Richard III

99. “Hearts are not head as a gift by hearts are earned” is a line appears in Yeats’ poem …
a) A Prayer for My Son
b) A Prayer for My Daughter
c) The Lake Isle of Innisfree
d. The Circus Animals’ Desertion

100. “ A star is gone ! a star is gone ! There is a blank in Heaven;” Who wrote the above lines?
a) Charles Jeremiah b) Leigh Hunt c) John Keats d) Byron

101. “a sigh for the vanished glory of the past” and “diagnosis of the spiritual distemper of the age” appear to be criticism on T.S. Eliot’s …
a) Portrait of a Lady b) The Waste Land
c) Journey of the Magi d) A Cooking Egg

102. “A Robin Red breast in a cage Puts all heaven in a Rage.” Who sang these words?
a) John Keats b) William Blake c) P.B. Shelley d) Lord Byron

103. Which of the following arrangements of periodicals is correct in chronological sequence?
a) The Rambler – Idler – Tatler—The Spectator
b) Tatler—The Spectator – The Rambler—Idler
c) The Spectator—The Rambler—Tatler—Idler
d) The Rambler—Idler—The Spectator –Tatler

104. Tom Jones (1749) is Henry Fielding’s magnum opus. Here magnum opus means …
a) a great literary work b) a legend
c) mediocre literary work d) popular literary work

105. Which of the following novels is traditionally regarded as the first epistolary English novel?
a) Tobias Smolett’s Humphry Clinker
b) Fanny Burney’s Evelina
c) Jane Austen’s Emma
d) Richardson’s Virtue Rewarded

106. Who is regarded as the virtual founder of British Novel?
a) Daniel Defoe b) Henry Fielding
c) Samuel Richardson d) Laurance Sterne

107. The play Witch of Edmonton was written by …?…in collaboration with Ford and Rowley.
a) Ben Jonson b) Henry Chettle c) John Marston d) Thomas Dekker

108. “The word that I regard is I—for the other, I use but like my Globe and turn it round sometimes for my recreation.” Sir Thomas Browne wrote the above in his …
a) The Garden of Cyrus b) Pseudodoxia
c) Hydriotaphia d) Religio Medici

109. A decasyllabic couplet is known as …
a) the False couplet b) the Scottish couplet
c) the Standard couplet d) the Heroic couplet

110. Matthew Arnold wrote “with him is born our real poetry”. Who does the word ‘him’ refer to in the context?
a) Edmund Spenser b) William Shakespeare
c) Geoffrey Chaucer d) Wordsworth

111. “The desire of the moth for the star of the night for the morrow. The devotion to something a far, from the sphere of our borrow” Name the poet of the above lines.
a) P.B.Shelley b) Lord Byron
c) William Butler Yeats d) Gerard Manly Hopkins

112. The poem Daffodils was written by
a) John Keats b) Shelley
c) Byron d) William Wordsworth

113. November Boughs is a work of
a) Wilson, Alexander b) Whitman, Walter
c) Whitman, Marcus d) Whitman, Sarah Helen

114. The name The Grand Lama of the Lake was ascribed to …
a) Walter Scott b) Robert Southey c) Wordsworth d) Lord Byron

115. Dramatis Personae is a collection of poems by
a) Shelley b) Robert Browning c) John Keats d) William Wordsworth

116. The Case is Altered is a comedy by
a) Marlowe b) Congreve c) Middleton d) Dr. Johnson

117. Jane Austen’s ‘realistic English drawing rooms are theatres in which elemental human folly and inconsistency play out their eternal comedy’ is an observation from …
a) F.R. Leavis b) Cleanth Brooks c) T.S. Eliot d) David Cecil

118. ‘THY DAMNATION SLUMBERETH NOT’ is a painted text which refers to …
a) The Mayor of Casterbridge b) Tess
c) The Well-Beloved d) The Woodlanders

119. The ominous word ‘billet-doux’ can be found in Pope’s
a) The Dunciad b) The Rape of the Lock c) Pastorals d) Windsor Forest

120. “Spare me the strength to leave you Now you are dead I must go, but my soul lies helpless Beside your bed.” The concept of the above
dialogue goes in apposition to …
a) Keat’s Ode to a Nightingale
b) D.H.Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers
c) Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge
d) Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

121. The poem that foresees the end of the present civilization is …
a) T.S.Eliot’s The Waste Land b) W.B.Yeats’ The Second Coming
c) W.B.Yeats’ Byzantium d) Milton’s Paradise Lost

122. The word knell that occurs in the play Macbeth written by Shakespeare refers to
a) death-bell b) siren’s song c) blood dimmed dagger d) whisper

123. Scorn Not the Sonnet is a sonnet on the Sonnet written by
a) William Butler Yeats b) William Wordsworth
c) Shelley d) William Shakespeare

124. “No , no , the drink, the drink –O my dear Hamlet—The drink, the drink ! I’m poisoned…” The above words reveal expose genuine remorse on the part of the speaker. Identify.
a) King Claudius b) Gertrude c) Ophelia d) Polonius

125. “What are all these kissings worth, If thou kiss not me?” are the lines from a poem by Shelley. Identify it.
a) One Word Is Too Often Profaned
b) Love’s Philosophy
c) A Lament d) The Cloud

126. Name the Indian novelist who is regarded as novelist in a hurry.
a) R.K.Narayan b) Mulk Raj Anand c) Raja Rao d) Vikram Seth

127. The writer of The Man Eater of Malgudi was compared with ….
a) Rudyard Kipling b) Jane Austen
c) Shakespeare d) Thomas Hardy

128. Street Songs is a work of …
a) Virginia Woolf b) James Joyce
c) E.M.Forster d) Edith Sitwell

129. The Time Machine is authored by
a) H.G.Wells b) George Moore c) Aldous Huxley d) Oscar Wilde

130. The author of Joan of Arc is also the author of Life of Nelson. Who is it?
a) Walter Scott b) Thomas Gray
c) George Crabbe d) Robert Southey

131. The Medal claims some commonality with Aurangzeb in terms of authorship. Find it.
a) Alexander Pope b) John Donne
c) John Dryden d) Rudyard Kipling

132. The author of Steel Glass also produced Supposes . Who is it?
a) Gowain Douglas b) Robert Henryson
c) William Dunbar d) George Gascoigne

133. Which of the following is popularly known as ‘The Father of English Criticism’?
a) T.S.Eliot b) Charles Lamb c) Dr.Johnson d) John Dryden

134. One of the following is not a member of Aesthetic Movement. Identify the figure.
a) Earnest Dowson b) Beardsley c) Lionel Johnson d) Campbell

135. The oldest poem in the English language is …
a) Widsith b) Gorboduc c) Ralph Roister Doister d) Beouwulf

136. The interim period of Common Wealth among the Literary Ages is …
a) 1649—1660 b) 1660—1685 c) 1685—1688 d) 1558—1625

137. T.S.Eliot adopted ‘The Legend of Holy Grail’ and ‘The Fisher
King’ in his poem from the source known as …
a) Paradise Lost b) From Ritual to Romance
c) Homer’s Iliad d) The Odyssey

138. ‘The foremost man of all this world’ is a tribute given by Caesar to someone in a play. Name the character.
a) Antony b) Cinna c) Brutus d) Cassius

139. “No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace, As I have seen in one autumnal face” The above lines are found in the works of …
a) William Wordsworth b) William Shakespeare
c) John Milton d) John Donne

140. Portrait of a Genius, But … is a biography of D.H.Lawrence written by
a) David Garnett b) Richard Aldington
c) Middleton Murray d) Lady Ottoline Morrel

141. One comes across The Cheshire Cat in …
a) English Nursery Rhymes b) Winnie the Pooh
c) Alice’s … d) The Wind in the Willows

142. The total number of the books in the New Testament is …
a) 29 b) 27 c) 31 d) 6

143. “Thrice Welcome, thrice blessed” The word thrice is often used because …
a) it is an auspicious number
b) it is the Hebrew superlative
c) it is the number of Holy Trinity
d) it is the number used oft in the New Testament

144. The first book of the essays to be published was …
a) Bacon’s Essays b) Montaigne’s Essais
c) La Rochefoucauld’s Maxims
d) Cicero’s De Amicitia

145. “I don’t call him a villain because it would be unparliamentary to do so” is an example of the figure of speech entitled . . .
a) Irony b) Paradox c) Euphemism d) Litote

146. A foolish old astrologer named Foresight figures as a character in Congreve’s
a) The Way of the World b) Love for Love
c) The Double-Dealer d) None of these

147. A Thesis Play dealing with a specific social problem and often offering a solution occurs in …
a) A Doll’s House b) Waiting for Godot
c) My Fair Lady d) Strife

148. “It is from this hour that I incline to date my Spiritual New Birth, or Baphometic Fire-baptism; perhaps I directly there upon began to be a Man.” We witness the above lines in …
a) The Everlasting Nay b) The Everlasting Yes
c) Sartor Resartus d) Life of Schiller

149. ‘Consequently, if a person cannot be happy without remaining idle, idle he should remain. It is a revolutionary precept; but thanks to hunger and the workhouse, one not easily to be abused; and
within practical limits, it is one of the most incontestable truths in the whole Body of Morality.’ Who’s brainwave is the above text?
a) R.L. Stevenson b) Samuel Butler
c) George Gissing d) Thomas Hardy

150. The Fortunes of Nigel, St.Ronan’s Well, Woodstock , Kenilworth and Ivanhoe….are works of a celebrated writer in The Age of
Wordsworth: The Novel . Who is he?
a) Scott b) Sidney Smith c) Marrayat d) Peacock

1) a 2) d 3) c 4) b 5) b 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) a 10) b 11) a 12) a 13) c 14) b 15) d 16) b 17) d 18) c 19) a 20) b 21) d 22) a 23) c 24) a
25) b 26) a 27) a 28) c 29) b 30) d 31) c 32) c 33) a 34) c 35) a 36) b 37) b 38) c 39) c 40) a 41) a 42) c 43) c 44) c 45) b 46) b 47) b 48) d 49) b 50) b 51) c 52) b 53) c 54) d 55) c 56) d 57) c 58) c 59) b 60) a 61) d 62) a 63) b 64) a 65) d 66) d 67) b 68) b 69) d 70) a 71) a 72) c 73) a 74) d 75) c 76) b 77) c 78) a 79) c 80) d 81) b 82) b 83) c 84) b 85) d 86) d 87) d 88) c 89) c 90) c 91) a 92) b 93) c 94) b 95) a 96) a 97) b 98) c 99) b100) a 101) b102) b 103) b 104) a 105) d 106)a 107) d 108) d 109)d 110) c 111) a112) d 113) b114) c 115) b116) d117) d 118) b 119) b 120) b 121) b122) a123) b124) b125) b 126) b 127) a 128) d 129) a 130) d 131)c 132)d 133) d 134) d135) a136) a 137) b138) b139) d140) b141) c 142) b 143) b 144) b 145) a 146) b 147) a 148) a 149) a 150) a

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