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APPSC Hostel Welfare Officers – Compulsory Subject Paper with Key 2012

Here is the APPSC Hostel Welfare Officers Examination Question Paper 2. This is a Subject Paper (Compulsory Paper). The key is not available at the moment and we shall provide the key in the due course of time. The Paper 1 of the examination is General Studies. The GS paper with key is available in another post of this website. Following are some model questions from Subject Paper. Link for full version of the question paper is available at the end of these questions.

1) Under which Article of the Indian Constitution is 'The Right to Privacy' recognised by the judiciary as a

Fundamental Right?
1) Article 25 2) Article 22 3) Article 21 4) Article 23

2) Under the Indian Constitution, which institution is regarded as the Guardian of the Constitution?
1) Parliament 2) Supreme Court 3) Executive 4) None of these

3) In pursuance of provisions of the Constitution, the executive power lies with
1) Prime Minister 2) Central Cabinet
3) Home Minister 4) President of India

4) Sarva Siksha Abhiyan is being implemented in India to provide education to
1) All persons
2) Children in 5-14 years age group
3) Girl Children
4) SC and ST Children

5) In India, poverty measurement generally is based on
1) per capita consumption 2) per capita income
3) per capita food consumption 4) per capita wealth

6) Head office of Reserve Bank of India is in
1) Bangalore 2) Delhi 3) Hyderabad 4) Mumbai

APPSC Hostel Welfare Officers - Subject Paper Download

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