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APPSC – HMWSSB Engineers Exam GS and Mental Ability Question Paper 2012

The APPSC has conducted Written Examination 29th July 2012 (Sunday) for the recruitment of Engineers (Managers - Engineering) in HMWS and SB (Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board) in the disciplines of Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communications and Computer Science / Information Technology. Following is the General Studies and Mental Ability question Paper (paper 1) of the examination. The Paper 2 of the examination consist of questions from concerned subject.

Here you can download the General Studies and Mental Ability question paper. We shall try to provide the key very soon. There are 150 questions for 150 marks. Duration of the exam is 150 minutes. The subject papers for Civil, Mechanical, ECE, Computers and IT branches will be posted as soon as they are available. See GS paper below:

HMWS and SB General Studies Question Paper 1

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174 thoughts on “APPSC – HMWSSB Engineers Exam GS and Mental Ability Question Paper 2012

  1. Ravikanth Reddy

    Dear All,

    I am getting 121 in GS and May be 160 - 170 in paper - 2 I have Orthopedic Handicapped(OH) reservation please give your opinion if i will be selected for the position.

  2. anvesh

    I am getting 83 in gs and 230 marks in computer science total 310/450.Is their any chance for me,I am OC and Zone 5.Please reply..

    1. ashish

      hai anvesh,why did u wasted your 5 hours time.didn't you read notification.HMWS jobs are only for people who belongs to Zone-6 not for all zones

  3. Anvesh

    hi i am getting 83 in gs and 220 in computer science total 310/450.What will be cut off.Is I will get any chance

  4. RatnaBabu

    Hi friends,
    Can you share the key for GS and Computer science. How you calculated your marks and what would be the expected results release date.
    Thank you.

      1. jagan

        there is no zone preference in this exam.because it is open that the posting is not related to zone hmwssb is there in hyderabad open competetive and preference on caste vacancies.

        i belongs to bc-d.

        1. Raj

          HMWSSB comes under Zone VI and the rest of the Zone's candidates will be non local. Please check the notification once again.

          1. srikanth

            is there any chance for non local candidates??????
            i got 315/450 in electrical...
            is there any chance to me???

      1. Raj

        For non local candidates(other than Zone VI) first we should come to know whether there are any vacancies in their category(i.e,OC,BC,SC,ST,Woman,General(men) etc) in the respective branches then we can analyze on the cutoff

        1. jagan

          hmwssb comes under zone 6 but for local and non local the marks variation is 5 to 7 marks that is if a local candidate gets 300 marks then the non local candidate have to get 305.thats the difference betwwen a local and non local candidate.preference will be given those who get highest marks not to the guys who belongs to zone 6.

          1. Raj

            The difference between local and non local marks we cannot predict. But the final break up of the vacancies(local/non local) will be know only after the results and during the certificate verification.
            For the local vacancies only zone 6 candidates merit list will be prepared and the non local list will be combination of all zones including Zone 6 depending on number of non local vacancies.
            So there is high chance for getting a job to zone 6 compare to other Zones. Hopefully my inputs are correct

          2. ram

            appsc will fix the cutoff for both local and non local candidates if all the candidates who belongs to zone 6 get the highest marks then they will be get selected if a non local candidate gets that cut off then preference will be given to non local candidate only .

          3. ram

            in appsc a local candidate can prefer to anothe zone if he wants job in that zone so if he gets the cut off that was kept by the commission then he will be selected
            so a non local candidate has to get 5-10 marks more than the local candidate to get selected.

            dont put ur comments un necessarily knowing nothing about zone preferences.

        2. ram

          a local candidate can prefer a job in other zone where he will be considered as a non local candidate so ther is no rule in appsc that only local candidates will get the jobs in their zone but 5-7 marks difference will be ther foe local and non local candidate.

  5. Karthik

    Dear All,

    cutoff will be mostly 300 for OC,don't believe any fake news,highest marks in all technical exams conducted by APPSC in EEE/ECE/MECH/CIVIL/INSTRUMENTATION/CSE is 300-310

  6. srikanth mogalipuvu

    hi friends......
    i am srikanth and i got 315/450 marks in electrical stream.
    i belongs to oc category,zone 3.
    But the posts are belonging to zone there any chances to get job in electrical stream.....please suggest me.......i am waiting for ur responses.........

  7. srikanth mogalipuvu

    hi i got 315/450 in electrical stream.
    i am oc candidate belongs to zone 3.
    but the posts are belonging to zone 6.
    is there any chance to get job????
    please give me ur valuable suggestions..........

  8. srikanth

    hi i got 315/450 in electrical...
    i am oc and belongs to zone 3.
    is there any chance to me.
    in gs i got 115 and in paper 2 i got 200.
    but the posts are belongs to zone 6.
    please give me ur valuable suggestions....

      1. Raj

        For branches other than Civil engineering the number of posts are very less(Mech 7,Elec 8,ECE 5 and CSC/IT 5). We dont have the break up of vacancies to local(zone 6) and non local(other than zone 6). Also we are not sure whether there r any vacancies for non locals in their respective categories(i.e,OC,BC,SC,ST,Woman,General(men) etc). I feel its bit tough to predict at this stage.

        1. srikanth

          hi rohit.........
          i am srikanth.
          in notification 40% seats are belongs to non local candidates........
          in electrical total posts are 8.
          nonlocal posts are only one.
          is there any one got more than 317/ electrical......
          please reply...............thank you rohit and ram,raj for ur valuable suggestions.........from sirkanth...

    1. ram

      there is pretty good chance to get hmwssb posts belongs to zone 6 but if one gets highest marks he will be selected irrespactive of zone preference
      but for local and non local the marks variation is 5-10 marks.

      that is a if a local candidate gets 300 and gets selected
      for a non local candidate to gets selectyed he should get 305 to 310.

  9. Karthik

    Dear Students,

    cutoff will be mostly 300 for OC,don’t believe any fake news,highest marks in all technical exams conducted by APPSC in EEE/ECE/MECH/CIVIL/INSTRUMENTATION/CSE is 300-310

    Don't believe fake news..

  10. Karthik

    Ram:It's not like that,60% jobs are zone 6
    Eg:5 seats in electrical,so only 3 are specific to Zone-6,remaining 2 has competition among all zones including zone 6.
    Jagan:As notification seats gave for all branches combined.For general 23 ,14-women
    So who got top 24irrespeive of branch will get the job..As total 84 jobs(84-84*60/100),30 will be non-local including zonal.
    So if u want job u should be in top 30..and their exists jobs in your specific branch.
    So which branch empty places are left,they are filled by reservation and so on.
    Jagan as you are scoring 330,you will get.

    1. Raj

      Its not that top 30 will get selected. It depends on the branch also. Even though the the break up is the consolidated(as per category/reservation) the lsit will be prepared branch wise. Apart from civil engineering the vacancies are as (Mech 7,Elec 8,ECE 5 and CSC/IT 5).
      So if you are from ECE then you should be top 5 in u r barnch..subjected to local/non local/reservation vacancies.

    1. mohan

      hi Shakir, could you suggest which material we need to refer to get the maximum marks in both papers (general studies and ECE )

    2. sreenu

      it is impossible to get 380 marks in appsc upto now there is no such record.dont put ur comments unnecessarily waste of space for this site.

  11. Karthik

    Raj:No,It's purely merit list and top 30,there is no question on that.For example see notification>How the break up of positions given in notification itself.

    Take assistant forest conservator exam in that all are selected from Environmental and Mathematics ,bcoz as no one from ECE or EEE to gain 360 marks .

    Like wise here is also same,who gets top on merit basis they will get irrespective of branch,otherwise it will create problem unncessarily for appsc and students.
    Some will say why their is no reservation in my branch,as they are only 5 how appsc is going to split-->It is pure merit based i.e., top 30. who gets and their exsists vacancy in their respective branches then only filled,

    1. Raj

      I am not sure why you are getting confused. In the notification it self they clearly mentioned the number of vacancies in each can u expect more than the ones in the notification. Once the results are declared and during certficate verification they will provide one more break up of vacancies branch ,local/non- local/community/Gender wise.

    2. Raj

      Karthik, For Asst consv of forests the qualification is
      degree in any of the desciplines mentioned in notification. But for managers HMWSSb the qualification is the Engineering degree in the respective Engr branches..Let say if you are from you think that you will fit in the job with Manager(Civil Engineering) as Qualification?In the notification they clearly mentioned the qualification for each post code. Even though it is one vaacancy or 1000 vacancies they will provide the details break up during the certficate verification.

    3. jagan

      hai karthik

      what rajesh told is exactly right.
      when taken into consideration os assis conservative of forests the qualification is any degree so there is no concept of particulary this branch will get this limited no of posts so who ever got top marks will be sortlisted so environmental and maths students got selected.

      but when taken into consideration of hmwssb the posts are related to particulr engineering branch.

      so in the notification how many posts are allocated to a aparticular engg branch that much guys who got to marks will be called for certificate verification.


      1. sanjay

        Mr Srikanth, Im on the list for verification of certificates . Thanks for your suggestion friend. All the best.

  12. kish

    285 electrical zone i have a chance....please reply..........friends post your scores

  13. jagan

    i am getting 296 in cse.
    but so many wrongs are there in the key
    almost 1 mark in gs and
    8 bits are wrong in computr science.
    objections are being raised by me.

    1. keerthi

      hi, u r right .almost 8 questions are wrong in computers paper-2. i also raised objections. did they released final key. i got 275 .am from zone there any chance.i belong to OC.

    2. sowmya

      hi, i also found that in the key mistakes are there. i submitted objections.r they released final key.upto now toppers in cse 296,290,285,275,270, as provide the details in this site.wat do u say

      1. jagan

        hi keerthi and sowmya
        yes so many wrongs are there in the key objections are raised but final key has not been released i belong to zone 1 visakhapatnam bc d. my score 296.
        keerthi and sowmya u r from.

        1. keerthi

          they didn't accepted our objections i think so. if it is group 4,group 2, then they'll put a commitee and'l check.
          i expected this before i submitted objections itself. iam from zone 4. oc

  14. sowmya

    up to now we saw the top scores in CSE karthik,bala,jagan, harika. scores like 296,290,294,270,275. so mostly based on reservations &zones they may get.wat do you say. reply me.

  15. pintu

    hi guys i am getting 335 ece belongs to zone 5 oc there any chance as the posts only belong to zon6 6 though i lost hopes but a little anxiety .......and in the notification they have m,entioned 23 posts for general on overall basis but they didn't gave break up vacancies for branches so i am really hopeless
    i hope some one react to this........(;-

    1. jagan

      its not like that the posts are not to zone 6 only
      according to the notification

      60% of posts are allocated only for zone 6 students
      40% of posts are allocated to all zones including zone 6 also(zone 1,2,3,4,5,6)

      so if we are in the top 40% of posts allocated to particular branch then we are selected.

      1. ravi

        u r absolutely wrong man,posts are belong to zone 6 5 posts only 1 post for non local candidates got it.......................

    2. Raj

      Pintu..its simple Mathematics..As per notification for ECE Br 5 posts are there ...3(60%) for zone 6 and 2(40%) for rest of the zones including zone 6. since u r from Zone 5..Out of 2 posts..u need to check whether any vacancies r there for u r particular caste/gender/Phisically handicap etc..which will be known at time of certificate verification..same is the case for rest of the branches as published in the notification..Also note that 23 for General is for all that majority are for Civil it has 59 posts in the notification..

    1. kishore

      i am getting gs 139 and tchnical paper 298 total 437 iam getting very tense shall i get job or not iam very much interested in this job ...reply

    2. srikanth

      GOOD LUCK TO ALL................

  16. Santhosh

    don't waste your time and career by waiting appsc results; god only knows when appsc announces results with my last 4 years experience.
    write ssc ; u will get results in one month and date of posting
    ssc/upsc follows
    this day date of exam after 2 months result
    currently I am working on icomtax dept ssc.Last 3 years i wasted like u only guys
    appsc don't hv common sense;if their son/daughter writes the exam then they came to know.I posted same like this from last 3 years.I am remembering my olden days by reading these appsc comments ha..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. srinu

    i got 330/450 in electrical ,bc-d ,zone-6 is there any chance to get the job?
    these marks according to final key published by appsc and excludind cancelled
    question marks. plz reply me fast

  18. srikanth

    I am getting around 232 after checking from final ke. i am from ECE branch zone 6. I am from BC-A. Do i hav a chance ? what is t highest score ??

    1. Mohan

      Hi srikanth sorry to say this according to huge competition in our branch you may not get call from APPSC. Who are getting close to 300marks in our branch they will get call surely..

  19. Anusha

    thanks admin.
    I got 309 from cse after final key with out adding cancelled questions
    after adding cancelled questions i got 322 marks.Is their any chance ?

  20. Mohan

    Hi I'm Mohan from zone 5. I got 278(92 in GS + 186 IN TECHNICAL) marks in ECE stream....please reply ECE aspirants as soon as possible and post your final marks as per final key of APPSC.

  21. Mohan

    Hi... I didn't short list for interview in the ECE branch with 278 marks... those persons who are short list for certificate verification from ECE branch try to post your marks and category...then we all are know the cut off marks for short listing... it may be around 310 as per my opinion.

    1. admin

      Hi VIswanath,
      Comments are already enabled. You can post your comment. Is there any problem at your end?

  22. srikanth

    I think all hmwssb manager posts are backdoor and fixed. They even didnt keep marks list...they have directly kept the list of selected candidates. so i doubt APPSC.

    1. admin

      Yes Anusha. It is in pathetic condition. Recent arrest of a member on corruption charges proving that the recruitments are not fair. Lets hope for the overhaul of APPSC by the Government.

    1. admin

      Nomination of political leaders and their relatives to APPSC is a big nuisance. What do they know except brokerages and contracts? They are practicing the same at APPSC at the cost of the lives of job aspirants.

  23. Kiran

    Is TSPSC will look over the Zone wise jobs to Local and Non_Local of Telangana. This is first time conducting by TSPSC. No details regarding sharing of posts given in notification. please reply.

  24. srikanth

    HI guys i am from ECE zone-2.....what will be the highest marks in ece tspsc managers 2015 exam conducted on 1st november 2015


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