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APPSC – HMWSSB Engineers Exam ECE Question Paper 2012

Following is the question paper of the written examination for the subject Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) held for the recruitment of Engineer Managers in HMWSSB (Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board), Government of Andhra Pradesh. This is paper 2 of the written test. The examination was held on 29th July 2012 at Hyderabad only. The question paper consists of 150 objective multiple choice questions for 300 marks. We shall try to post the key in due course of time. Candidates can also send the key if they have with them. Interested candidates can download the question paper for future reference. here we are also giving some model questions. You can find the link to ECE question paper after these model questions:

1) Avalanche breakdown in a semiconductor diode occurs when
1) The potential barrier is reduced to zero
2) Forward bias exceeds a certain value
3) Reverse bias exceeds a certain value
4) Forward current exceeds a certain value

2) The Fourier series of a odd periodic function, contains only
1) Odd harmonics
2) Even harmonics
3) Cosinc terms
4) Sine terms

3) A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubled, then the voltage across each resistor is
1) Halved
2) Doubled
3) Increased by four times
4) Not changed

See question paper below:

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  1. Rammurthi


    Can any one provide me the key for appsc hmws and IPO exam 2012 paper II . Please mail me


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