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APPSC Group 1 Prelims Question Paper 2012 With Key

Here we are giving solved question paper (key / answers) of APPSC Group 1 Preliminary Examination held on 27th May 2012. You can also download the GS Question Paper. More than 1.7 lakh candidates appeared for the examination conducted across the state of Andhra Pradesh. The cut off marks are expected to be around 85 - 90. The experts of the coaching center opined that the cut offs for Group 1 Prelims (General Studies) will be in the range of 80 - 90.

It is observed that the candidates who get 90 marks are likely to qualify for the Main examination. Candidates are appears to be not satisfied with the questions in sections of World Geography and Economy. Current affairs and mental ability sections also disappointed the candidates with less number of questions.

The APPSC is likely to release Group 1 Prelims results by the end of June 2012. Main examinations will be held from 3rd September 2012, as per the schedule announced earlier by APPSC. The detailed schedule may also be displayed on .

APPSC Group 1 Prelims GS Question Paper 2012 with Key

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2 thoughts on “APPSC Group 1 Prelims Question Paper 2012 With Key

  1. Veerabathini Surender from SHAR centre

    Dear Friends
    Gr-1 Prelims2012 ; Cut off point of
    1) As per Sakshi Educationa analysis i t may be : 85 to 95

    2) As per Eenadu Prathibha analysis It may be : 90 to 95

    3) As per As per Golkonda Paper , It may be : 85 to 90

    4) All other experts says , It may be : 90 +/- 5

    One more important thing is , NO Proper answers for some questions see below:
    1)ISRO launched G-SAT -8 communication satellite on :
    Correct answer is 21/05/2011 (But there is no answer in paper)

    2)Which country is not member of Group of seven (G-7) countries: both 1) Netherlands 2) New Zealand both are corect

    3)The world’s longest river is :as per english version: Nile
    as per telugu version :Amazon

    4) The date when the super cyclone hit the Orissa coast which killed nealy 10,000 people and affected over 15 million people across 12 districts of Orissa is :correct answer is 29-10-1999 (But there is no answer in paper)

    Like this Prelims paper it self some mistakes are there and there is few differences b/w Sakshi/Eenadu/golkonda/ others
    How can we know - exactly how many marks we are getting ?
    So dear friends , roughly who are getting : 90+ marks may prepare for Mains :

    One reqeust to all , Pl. write / ask APPSC for above questions that what they are going to take action on the above questions :
    I have written , but no responce from APPSC;
    Pl. go to and write mail to chairman and helpdesk

    1. admin

      Hi Surender, Good to see detailed comments on the Group 1 cut offs. All those are just predictions based on earlier cut offs and standard of the question paper. We hope APPSC will consider the points raised by you, even if they don't replly due to bureaucratic reasons. The predictions will keep changing till the date of results as we find new issues with question paper and possible answers. Your prediction of 90+ marks will be the right answer.


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