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APPSC – FRO General English Question Paper with Key 2012

Following is the question Paper of Forest Range Officers (FRO) Recruitment Examination conducted by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC), Hyderabad. The FRO General English Question paper with key / answers has been provided here. The exam was held on 3rd June 2012 by APPSC in Andhra Pradesh. The question paper with answers will be useful for the candidates to asses their performance and chances of getting a job. See the question paper below:

Following are some sample questions from the FRO question Paper (General English). Answers to these questions and complete question paper with key is available in the link given below:

Choose the correct answer to fill the blanks:

1. My friend's young nephew is very -----------; he writes and paints.
1. logical 2. creative 3. productive 4. intelligent

2. The blind man overcame his ---------- and passed his Master's degree with distinction.
1. injury 2. experience 3. handicap 4. talent

3. If you were an orthopedic specialist, you would be interested in ----------
1. teeth 2. bones 3. eyes 4. skin

APPSC Forest Range Officers (FRO) Exam Paper with Key 2012

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17 thoughts on “APPSC – FRO General English Question Paper with Key 2012

  1. Laxman

    confusion in the answers. there are more than one answers marked.
    also some question asnwers are not marked.

    please provide Maths, general Studies and coputer applications C series Key


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