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APPSC – Civil Asst. Surgeons Medical Science and General Medicine Question Paper 2012

Here we are giving Paper 2 of the Civil Assistant Surgeons examination held by APPSC on 5th August 2012. The Paper 2 deals with questions from Medical Science and General Medicine. The selected candidates will be appointed in AP Insurance Medical Services (APIMS). We shall try to provide the key in due course of time as this is completely technical paper and need professional evaluation. We have also given Paper 1 - General Studies Question Paper in another post.

Following are some model question from the Paper 2 of the examination. Candidates can check for the link for the complete question paper at the end of these model question. You can download the question paper from there. See questions below:

1) A bone marrow suppression induced by Chloramphenicol is
1) a dose related reversible phenomenon
2) a non dose related irreversible phenomenon
3) both of the above 4) none of the above

2) Which of the following agents is associated with a high incidence of disorientation, sensory and perceptual illness and vivid dreams during recovery from anaesthesia?
1) Diazepam 2) Ketamine 3) Thiopental 4) Sevoflurane

3) Methotrexate is used in the treatment of the following except
1) Choriocarcinoma 2) Ectopic pregnancy
3) Myasthenia gravis 4) Psoriasis

APPSC - CAS Paper 2 Medical Science and General Medicine

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2 thoughts on “APPSC – Civil Asst. Surgeons Medical Science and General Medicine Question Paper 2012

  1. anonymous

    ur key was very helpful
    correct answers of some questions as per my references
    1)doxycycline not true-more active than tetracycline against h.pylori
    2)chloramphenicol-dose related reversible phenomenon
    3)anticancer m-phase-vincristine
    4)hypnotic lacking muscle relaxing,anticonvulsant-zaleplone
    5)inguinal and femoral hernia-pubic tubercle
    6)obstructed inguinal hernia sac-fundus
    7)components of N vaginal secretions-mucus secretion 4m vaginal secretions
    8)tubercle bacilli-robert koch
    9)positive schick test-susceptibility to diptheria
    10)casal's necklace-niacin def
    11)malig breast ca-mastitis carcinomatosa
    12)not action of pilocarpine-cycloplegia
    13)false abt n20-good muscle relaxant
    14)protected in hysterctomy-ureters


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