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APPSC Civil Asst. Surgeons Exam General Studies Question Paper 2012

APPSC has conducted Civil Assistant Surgeons (CAS) Written examination on 5th August 2012 in Andhra Pradesh. There are two papers in the written test. These are General Studies and Medical Science and General Medicine. Following are the details of General Studies (GS) question paper, key along with model questions from the question paper. The GS Paper consists of 150 objective multiple choice questions for 150 marks. Candidates can download the question paper from the link given at the end of these sample questions from the examination:

1) First woman Governor in India
1) Sarojini Naidu
2) Sarla Grewal
3) Sheila Kaul
4) V.S. Rama Devi

2) Main organ of UNO
1) General Assembly
2) Security Council
3) Trusteeship Council
4) All the above

3) Dogri Language is spoken in
1) Jammu and Uttar Pradesh
2) Jammu and Rajasthan
3) Bihar and Jammu
4) Himachal Pradesh and Jammu

4) 'Tsunami' the word is derived from the language
1) Greek
2) Chinese
3) French
4) Japanese

5) Best conductor of Electricity
1) Silver
2) Gold
3) Copper
4) Lead

APPSC Civil Assistant Surgeons Exam - Paper 1

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