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APPSC Asst Engineers Paper 2 Electrical Engineering – AP Municipal Engineering Services

Following is the question paper 2 of the APPSC Electrical Engineering written exam conducted for the posts of Assistant Engineers in AP Public Health and Municipal Engineering Services in Andhra Pradesh. Here are some model questions from Electrical Engineering question paper. Complete question paper is available through the link given at the end of these model questions.

Other papers in the exam are General Studies and Civil and Mechanical Engineering (Common Paper). Here are these papers for download. GS paper is available with key / answers.

Following are Electrical Engineering Model Questions:

1) The time constant of a R-C series circuit increases with the
1. increase of capacitance and decrease of resistance
2. increase of capacitance and increase of resistance
3. decrease of capacitance and decrease of resistance
4. decrease of capacitance and increase of resistance

2) For electrical appliances, the power rating is determined by
1. Current 2. Voltage 3. Copper loss 4. Iron loss

3) Speed control of d.c motor by the variation of field flux results in
1. variable power drive 2. constant torque drive
3. variable torque drive 4. constant power drive

4) The inrush current of a transformer is maximum when it is switched on at an instant when the voltage is passing through
1. zero 2. positive maximum
3. negative maximum 4. any value

5) Hunting is synchronous motors occurs due to
1. changes in excitation 2. increase in supply for the motor
3. increase in supply frequency 4. sudden load variations.

APPSC Asst Engineers in Municipal Engineering Services - Electrical Engineering Paper 2

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