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APPSC Accounts Officers Exam – Commerce Paper 2 and Paper 3 Download

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission has conducted written examination for Accounts Officers recruitment in APMASS (Andhra Pradesh Municipal Accounts Sub Service) on 3rd and 4th November 2012. We have already posts GS question paper in our earlier post. Here we are posing Commerce Questions Papers for the benefit of candidates those like to appear for same and similar APPSC examinations in the future.

Commerce I of Paper 2 and Commerce II of Paper 3 are available through the links given below. Candidates can also download the papers. Here are some model questions. You can see the question paper links below these questions:

1. Cheques issued but not presented to the bank for payment will
1) increase the cash book balance
2) increase the pass book balance
3) decrease the cash book balance
4) none of the above

2. When bank column of a cash book shows a credit balance, it means
1) overdraft 2) cashbook balance
3) positive balance of pass book 4) none of these

3. A bank reconciliation statement is prepared by
1) creditors 2) debtors 3) businessmen 4) customers (bank)

4. How many accounts does the Error of Commission affect?
1) One account 2) two accounts
3) two or more accounts 4) none of these

APPSC Accounts Officers in APMASS - Commerce Paper 2

APPSC Accounts Officers in APMASS - Commerce Paper 3

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