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AP TET English Content Paper 2 Important Questions and Answers

Here is a passage for APTET English candidates. Read the following passage and answer the given questions accordingly. The Passage is useful for APTET English Content paper 2:

passage for APTET

1. According to the passage, political education in the real sense should prepare
a) citizens for social change.
b) well-informed politicians.
c) responsible students of political science.
d) devoted social workers.

2. The theme of the passage could be:
a) British rule in India and Education
b) Education and Politics
c) Education for Freedom
d) Leadership and Education

3. The author emphasizes in the passage that
a) non-formal agencies of political education do not exist in India.
b) vested interests dominate politics.
c) real political education is lacking in India.
d) the Britishers were opposed to real political education.

4. The author condemns the
a) role of the Britishers in organizing education in India.
b) role of the Congress in politics after independence.
c) political interference in education in India.
d) role of the Press in political education.

5. All teachers agree (1) / that Revanth is the (2) / more intelligent of all the boys in his class. (3) / No error (4)
One of the parts in the above sentence may not be acceptable in standard written communication. Mark that part as your answer.
a) (1) b) (2) c) (3) d) (4)

6. ARROGANT Pick up the right synonym.

Locate the apt antonym.

8. The accountant soon picked up the everyday routine of the department. Label one of the following words to be adjective in the context of the above sentence
a) soon b) the c) routine d) everyday

9. A speech made by someone for the first time Trace the one word substitute that satisfies the above expression.

10. to strain every nerve Find the meaning of the above idiom
among the following.
a) to spoil relationship b) to get afraid
c) to try one's utmost d) to take ill

11. Our government is trying to .......... the economic reforms at the moment Select the appropriate phrasal verb to fill in the blank.
a) carry out b) carry away
c) carry forward d) carry through

12. Choose the word from the following with the right spelling.
a) privilege b) managable c) maintinance d) athlet

13. In the following questions, the first and the last parts of
the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The remaining parts P, Q, R and S are not in their proper order. Select from the answer choices provided, under the question, the combinations to make a meaningful and correct sentence.
1) The advantage of travelling
P) customs and manners is that
Q) we learn to appreciate the good points of others
R) to different places and having
S) the opportunity of observing people's
6) and our prejudices against them disappear.

14. I must hold a discussion .......... you .......... that matter
Choose the correct set of prepositions as demanded by the above sentence.
a) about, for b) with, for c) about, in d) with, about

15. Select the error-free sentence from the following.
a) I want you to meet him.
b) I suggest you to apply for the post.
c) He enjoys to swim.
d) She requested for my help.

16. I saw him go out.
Identify the structure pattern of the above sentence.
a) Subject + Verb + Noun/Pronoun + Plain Infinitive
b) Subject + Verb + Noun/Pronoun + Infinitive
c) Subject + Verb + Object + Present Participle
d) Subject + Verb + Noun/Pronoun + (to be+) Complement

17. Wait a minute, ..........? Add the right question tag.
a) can you? b) can't you? c) do you? d) don't you?

18. Choose the right subscription suitable for a formal letter.
a) Yours faithfully, b) Yours Faithfully,
c) Your's faithfully, d) Yours' faithfully,

19. Choose the Adverb+Verb type compound word from the following.
a) white wash b) upset c) outspoken d) drawback

20. Tennyson is not the greatest of all poets.
Find the Positive Degree form of the above sentence.
a) Some poets are at least as great as Tennyson.
b) Some poets are not as great as Tennyson.
c) Some poets are greater than Tennyson.
d) None of the above.

21. He stays in .......... bed till nine every morning.
Fill in the blank with suitable article, if necessary.
a) a b) an c) the d) zero article

22. Are you there? Decide the mood of the above sentence.
a) Indicative Mood
b) Imperative Mood
c) Subjunctive Mood
d) None of the above three.

23. He asked why I came. The above sentence is ..........
a) simple sentence.
b) compound sentence.
c) complex sentence.
d) compound-complex sentence.

24. His means .......... (be) simple.
Choose the correct verb form to fill in the blank.
a) is b) are c) be d) was

ANSWERS : 1)a 2)b 3)c 4)c 5)c 6)a 7)a 8)d 9)c 10)c 11) a 12)a 13)c 14)d 15)a 16)a 17)a 18)a 19)b 20)a 21)d 22)a 23)c 24)b.

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