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AP Tenth Class English Practice Questions and Answers

Q: What were the changes in the children after the coming of Anna?
A: With the coming of Anna, there were a lot of changes in the children. They felt that they had been shut in their cages. They stopped walking or running but resorted to prowling. Instead of hopping or skipping happily, they sprang and leaped in terror. They were not at liberty to play or speak to their liking. Further,
they would play only those games that she ordered them to play.

Q: What is the significance of the title "Circus Cat, Alley Cat"?
A: Circus - Cat means a wild cat in a circus. Alley - Cat is a domesticated cat that lives in houses. Anna was originally a cat trainer in a circus but she failed to remain as alley cat. The role of a circus cat suited her aptly. Hence the title of the lesson "Circus Cat, Alley Cat' is apt. Insptie of Mrs. Bates' efforts to aunt Anna into an alley cat, she remains a circus cat and therefore it alone suits her most.

Q: What made Mother Teresa decide to give up teaching and serve the poor?
A: Mother Teresa started her career as a Geography teacher in St. Mary's High School in Calcutta and later became its principal. But on the tenth of September, 1946, she received a call from Jesus Christ who asked her to give up all and follow him to the slums to serve him among the poorest of the poor. Therefore, Mother Teresa decided to give up teaching and serve the poor.

Q: What are the four vows taken by the members of the Order to which Mother Teresa belongs?
A: The members of the Order to which Mother Teresa belongs take the following vows: i) Vow of poverty to be able to understand and
serve the poor.
ii) Vow of chastity to give their hearts complete to Christ in the service of the poor.
iii) Vow of obedience to take all vows according to obedience to do God's will in everything, and
iv) Vow of whole hearted free service to the poor.

Q: What kind of bird was the magpie? Did his ability to talk and his beauty save him?
A: The magpie was a noisy bird with black and white feathers. It could make nice sounds with its long tongue. It looked beautiful with its long tail. Neither his ability to talk nor his beauty saved him from death, the keeper killed him too.

Q: Why does the keeper hang the dead creatures from a tree?
A: The weasel, the crow, the magpie, etc. are wicked and they cannot help being what they are. But the keeper kills them and hangs them from a tree saying that he has prevented them from committing any more sins. In fact, he is sinful in not protecting the birds and beasts under his care. He has to be blamed because he deliberately kills them forgetting what he ought to do.

Q: "His luck was badly out; he might as well have committed the crime in broad day light." Why does the author say so?
A: Adams committed the murder at the dead of night. But he was seen by Mrs. Salmon with the weapon in his hand. She saw him clearly in the moonlight. Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Henry Mac Dougall and another
person in Laurel Avenue swore in the court to have seen him. Hence, it looked as though the murder had been committed in broad day

Q: Why was the accused in the Peckham murder case acquitted?
A: The counsel for defence first made the prime witness admit that the man she had seen drop the hammer was none other than the man in the dock. He then presented Adams' twin brother in the court. He was
an exact replica of Adams with thick stout body and muscular legs and with a pair of bulging eyes. The lawyer then asked the witnesses to swear whom they had seen drop the hammer. No witness was able to
say which one of the two they had exactly seen. So the defence lawyer pleaded mistaken identity, and the accused in the Peckham murder case was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Punctuation (1 1/2 Mark Q's)
I. Use commas, full stops, exclamation, question marks, quotation marks where necessary and rewrite the sentences in your answer
1. She said if you give up hatred I will join you.
Ans: ....................
2. What cherry tree asked grandfather who had forgotten about it the seed we planted last year look it's come up said Rahul.
Ans: .............................
3. Does she know the way asked Charitha what a silly question she grew up in this village said Shruthi.
Ans: ...............................

II. Transformation of Sentences (1 Mark Q's)
1. "Come over for dinner," Sai Chandana said to Sarika.
Ans: Sai Chandana .................
2. Global warming has damaged plants and wildlife.
Ans: Plants .............
3. The reviews were very bad. The film was still a box-office success.
Ans: Inspite of ................
4. Geetha used to work in my office. I remember it now.
Ans: I remember .............
5. Shruthi is the tallest girl in the class.
Ans: No other ...............

I) 1. She said, "If you give up hatred, I will join you."
2. "What cherry tree?" asked grandfather, who had forgotten about it. "The seed we planted last year-look it's come up!" said Rahul.
3. "Does she know the way?" asked Charitha.
"What a silly question! She grew up in this village," said Shruthi.

II) 1. Sai Chandana invited Sarika for dinner.
2. Plants and wildlife have been damaged by global warming.
3. Inspite of very bad reviews, the film was a box-office success.
4. I remember Geetha working in my office.
5. No other girl in the class is so tall as Shruthi.

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