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AP State Board 10th Class Previous Papers- Maths, Physical Sciences and Social Studies

Here are the AP state board 10th class previous question papers / model papers for the use of students of Andhra Pradesh. The questions papers are available for Mathematics Paper 2, Physical Sciences, Social Studies Paper 1 and Social Studies Paper 2 in this post. Other previous question papers and model papers are also available for download from this site. You may find them in other posts. Students can use these papers for their practice before going for SSC Public Examinations. Here are some sample questions from physical sciences and you can see complete papers from the below mentioned files.

1) Explain the working of a Laundry drier
2) What are the values of magnetic induction at a distance 'd' on the axial line and on the equatorial line of a Bar magnet?
3) State the laws of Resistance.
4) What are hardware and software of a computer?
5) What information does Principal Quantum Number give?
6) Define the weight of a body.
7) Mention the isotopes of Ne.

SSC Social Studies Question Paper-1

AP SSC Board - Social Studies Question Paper 2

AP 10th Class Maths Question Paper 2

AP State Board Physical Science Question Paper

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