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AP SSC English Practice Questions with Answers

2 Marks Questions
Q: Do you agree that the king's love and admiration for himself was abnormal? In what way(s)?
A: The King's love and admiration for himself was certainly abnormal. He looked at himself constantly in mirrors, in pools of water and even in the eyes of others when they spoke to him.

Q: What kind of man do you think was the royal barber?
A: The royal barber was cheeky, talkative little man. He was incapable of keeping secrets with himself.

Q: How did the king get rid of his horns?
A: The spirits of the trees met the god who had cursed the king and begged him to forgive the king. The god pardoned the kind and his
horns disappeared.

Q: What are the lovely things in the poet's list?
A: The rays of the sun falling on the river, the sliding snow-flakes, a few rare mornings and afternoons, a hill and a wood in the month of April are the lovely things in the poet's list.

Q: What makes the poet's and reader's list 'strangely similar to each other'? What common qualities do you find in the two lists?
A: Each list comforts the person who owns it. The cheerfulness and the comfort are the common qualities in the two lists.

Q: Why was Ivan Nikolaevich not happy with his wife?
A: Ivan Nikolaevich was a responsible government official. But his wife Polya was illiterate. So he was not happy.

Q: What made Polya want to learn read and write?
A: One day Polya found a letter in her husband's jacket. She could not read the letter. This made Polya want to learn to read and

Q: Why did Polya burst into tears when she read the letter?
A: Polya burst into tears because she had wrongly suspected her husband. On reading the letter, she came to know the fact.

I. "I'll die if don't tell someone", he said, (1 Mark)
a) Who is the speaker?
Ans: ..........
b) What does the speaker want to tell someone?
Ans: .............
c) What does the speaker’s words tell about him / her?
Ans: .............

II. "Forgive him", they begged.
a) Who are speaking these words?
Ans: ............
b) Who did they beg?
Ans: ...........
c) Who does 'him' refer to?
Ans: ...........

A Glance At Grammar & Vocabulary
III. Using Appropriate Words (1/2 Mark Q's)
Have you ....... (1) heard of Pochera Water fall? ...... (2) not, here are the details: the water fall is ......... (3) five km's from Boath in Adilabad district. It is a very beautiful picnic spot .......... (4) visiting. It looks splendid in the rainy season ...... (5). The water is plenty and the surroundings are green.

1. a) any b) never c) ever d) been
2. a) But b) If c) And d) Of
3. a) about b) fox c) from d) by
4. a) for b) to c) with d) worth
5. a) then b) where c) when d) why

IV. Using Prepositions (1/2 Mark Q's)
1. Sai Abhiram has no appetite ........ sweets. (to for with)
2. Nikita goes to school ........ foot, not by bus. (by with on)
3. Geetha fell ....... her bicycle and got bruises on hands. (on off of)
4. Don't disturb Pavan Kalyan; he is looking ....... some important documents (into in over)

V. Choosing Right Words (1/2 Mark Q's)
1. Sandeep Nayak always speaks the truth. He is ...... boy.
(an innocent an honest a cunning)
2. Sharada and Narsaiah work in the same school. They are .......
(colleagues companions comrades)
3. Our neighbour is a ....... ; he sells flowers.
(grocer florist gardener)
4. Waterman ......... fountain pen long ago.
(invented discovered found)

VI. Word Formation (1/2 Mark Q's)
1. Rakshitha and Swetha are good friends. Their ...... started at school.
2. ......... flowers attract butterflies.
3. Rakesh got ........ in the recent DSC recruitment. He succeeded through hard work only.
4. Narender talks less and works more. He is not .....

I. a) The royal barber
b) About the horns on the king's head
c) That he was talkative
II. a) The spirits of the trees
b) The god who had cursed the king
c) The god
III. 1-c; 2-b; 3-a; 4-d; 5-c.
IV. 1. for 2. on 3. off 4. into
V. 1. an honest 2. colleagues
3. florist 4. invented
VI. 1. friendship 2. Attractive
3. success 4. talkative

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