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AP Senior Inter Zoology Model Question Paper 2

Inter Zoology Model Question Paper

Following is the question paper for Intermediate Public Examinations of Andhra Pradesh Board. Here is the Zoology Question Paper (English Version) for Senior Intermediate students. Maximum marks are 60 and duration is 3 hours.

Intermediate Public Examinations - Model Papers
Zoology - Paper II (English Version)
Time: 3 Hours - Maximum Marks: 60

Section - A
Very Short Answer Questions
Answer all the questions. 10 x 2 = 20
1. What is catadromous migration? Give an example you have studied
2. Distinguish between synapsid skull and parapsid skull
3. Which vitamin is called sunshine vitamin? What is the disease
caused by the deficiency of it among children?
4. Name the bones associated with the occipital region of cranium
in the skull of rabbit.
5. What do you call the opening present between II & III ventricles
and the duct present between III & IV ventricles?
6. How sickle cell hemoglobin does differ from normal hemoglobin?
7. Distinguish between in- vivo and ex-vivo gene therapies
8. Distinguish between anagenesis and cladogenesis
9. Distinguish between auto graft and allograft
10. Name any two Indian organizations that are concerned with
fishery development in India. Where they are located?

SECTION - B (Short Answer Type Questions)

Answer any six of the following questions. 6 x 4 = 24
11. Give important characters of Apoda
12. What are similarities between Reptilia and Prototheria
13. Describe the placenta of rabbit
14. Write a short notes on counter current hypothesis
15. Explain the mechanism of cell mediated immunity
16. Draw a labeled diagram of T.S. of spinal cord
17. Discuss the role of different patterns of selections in evolution
18. Explain simulation experiments conducted to explain the origin
of complex organic molecules from simple molecules.

SECTION - C (Long Answer Questions)

Answer any two questions. 2 x 8 = 16
19. Write notes on working of the heart of rabbit
20. What is criss -cross inheritance? explain the inheritance of
sex linked recessive character in human being
21. Explain bacterial, viral and fungal diseases in poultry.

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