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AP Senior Inter Civics Model Paper – Paper 2

Note: I. Answer any Three of the following questions. 3 × 10 = 30
1. Explain the basic features of the Indian Constitution?
2. Explain the Fundamental Rights of Indian Citizen?
3. Explain the Directive Principles of State Policy as provided in the Indian Constitution.
4. Explain the powers of the President of India.
5. Explain the powers and functions of the Indian Parliament.

Section - B
II. Answer any Eight of the following questions. 8 $ 5 = 40
6. Explain the administrative reforms introduced by the Government of India Act. 1935.
7. How is the Vice-President elected? What are his powers?
8. Mention any eight powers of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
9. Explain any five powers and functions of the Supreme Court.
10. What is the position of the Chief Minister in the State Politics?
11. Point out the differences between a State and a Union Territory?
12. Explain the legislative relations between Union and States.
13. Explain the reasons for the growth of regional parties in India.
14. Explain the powers and functions of the Election Commission of India.
15. Write about the functions of the Union Public Service Commission.
16. What are the basic-features of India's Foreign Policy?
17. Discuss the achievements of the United Nations Organisation.

Section - C
III. Answer any Fifteen of the following questions. 15 $ 2 = 30
18. Explain about Dandi March.
19. Write briefly on Chauri-Chaura incident.
20. Why is the Right to Property considered as an Ordinary Right at present.
21. Article 19.
22. Identify the directive principles relating to women's welfare.
23. Electoral college.
24. Article 356.
25. How is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha elected?
26. What are the qualifications of judges of the Supreme Court?
27. How is the State Governor appointed?
28. What is a Union territory? Name of them?
29. Residuary powers.
30. Concurrent list.
31. Gram Sarpanch.
32. Shiva Sena.
33. Election Commission.
34.Composition of the National Commission on review of the Constitution.
35. What is Panchasheel?
36. M.P.D.O.
37. What is Veto power?

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