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AP Junior Inter Economics Model Paper 1

We are giving here Junior Intermediate Model Question Paper for Economics subject. This is Paper 1 of the subject and is given in English Version. Maximum marks for the examination are 100 and duration is three hours. There are three sections in the model question paper. You can practice this paper for better results in the IPE examinations of Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education.

I. Answer any THREE of the following in 40 lines each 3 × 10 = 30

1. Explain the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility with the help of a diagram? What are its limitations?
2. Explain the Economies of Large Scale Production.
3. Explain various methods of computation of National Income.
4. What is Perfect Market? Explain price determination under Perfect Market.
5. Explain the concept of Effective Demand with the help of a Diagram.

II. Answer any EIGHT of the following in 20 lines each 8 × 5 = 40

6. What are the methods of Economic Investigation?
7. Explain the characteristic features of Human Wants.
8. Explain Law of Demand and exceptions to the Law of Demand
9. Why does a Demand curve has a negative slope?
10. Explain the properties of Indifference Curves.
11. Explain the Production Function.
12. Explain the factors determining Real Wages.
13. What is meant by Price discrimination? Explain methods of Price discrimination.
14. What is National Income at factor cost?
15. What are the various methods of Debt redemption?
16. Explain the functions of Money.
17. What is Inflation? Explain various measures to control Inflation.

III. Answer any FIFTEEN of the following in 5 lines each 15 × 2 = 30

18. Micro Economics
19. Partial Equilibrium
20. Cross Demand
21. Income Elasticity of Demand
22. Giffen's Goods
23. Perfectly Elastic Demand
24. Arc Method
25. Budget Line
26. Law of Supply
27. Indifference Map
28. Marginal Revenue
29. Market Period
30. Duopoly
31. Quasi - Rent
32. Transfer Earnings
33. Gross Interest
34. Gross Profit
35. Deficit Budget
36. Over Draft
37. Cost - Push Inflation

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