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AP Junior Inter Civics Model Paper – Paper 1

Intermediate Public Examinations - Andhra Pradesh
Civics Model Paper - Paper 1 (TIME: 3 HOURS MAX MARKS: 100)

Note: I. Answer any Three of the following questions. 3 × 10 = 30
1. Define Political science and explain its scope.
2. Define Liberty and explain its safeguards.
3. What are the important features of parliamentary government?
4. Explain the basic principles of Marxism.
5. What are the main functions of an executive?

II. Answer any Eight of the following questions. 8 × 5 = 40
6. Discuss the any two elements of a state?
7. Explain the differences between State and Society.
8. Define Equality and explain its different kinds.
9. Explain evaluate the concept of secular state.
10, Evaluate the growth and principles of welfare state.
11. Explain the concepts of Satyagraha.
12. Write an essay on political rights.
13.Define democracy, examine requisites of Democracy.
14. Explain different kinds of justice.
15. Discuss the written and unwritten constitutions.
16. Explain judicial review?
17. What are the agencies of public opinion? Discuss?

III. Answer any Fifteen of the following questions. 15 × 2 = 30
18. Define Political science.
19. What is meant by ethics.
20. Meaning and definition of Nation and Nationality?
21. Definition of State.
22. What is De Jure, De Facto Sovereignty.
23. Give the meaning of Liberty?
24. Welfare state.
25. Classify the rights?
26. The theory of Surplus value.
27. Satyagraha.
28. Non-violence.
29. Give two examples of duties.
30. Indirect Democracy.
31. Recall.
32. Explain four features of a Unitary Government.
33. What is meant by Parliamentary Govt.?
34. Rule of Law.
35. What are the organs of government? Its functions?
36. Meaning of pressure groups.
37. Definition of Public Opinion.

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