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AP 10th Class Previous Question Papers Download – Telugu Medium

Here we are giving SSC / 10th Class Previous Question Papers of the year 2009 for Telugu Medium (TM). Students can download all the questions papers. Previous Papers of Telugu, English, Hindi, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics are available here. Following are some model questions from English Paper 2 (Part - A). Answer any five of the following questions. Each answer must be in one or two sentences:

1) Why did the people of Venice love and respect Antonio?
2) Who was the old money lender that Bassanio approached?
3) Who was the young baron of England? Why couldn't Portia talk to him?
4) Why was Shylock against Jessica marrying Lorenzo?
5) What was the bad news about Antonio? Why did his friends decide not to tell him the news?
6) Who chose the silver casket? What did the silver casket contain?
7) Salerio brought Bassanio a letter. Whose letter was it? What news did it contain?
8) What did Portia tell Nerissa about their future plans?
9) What were the two conditions put by Portia to Shylock to cut off a pound of flesh from Antonio's body?
10) What present did the lawyer want? Was Bassanio ready to give it?

Following are links to complete question papers:

Telugu Paper 2 English Paper 1 Science Biology Paper 2 Maths Paper 2 Maths Paper 1 Hindi English Paper 2 Science PS Paper 1 Social Paper 2 Social Paper 1 Telugu Paper 1

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5 thoughts on “AP 10th Class Previous Question Papers Download – Telugu Medium

  1. Sagar

    Hi Admin,

    The downloading is fine but it's taking a lot of time which leads to wait for more time. So my suggestion is to compression the pics of each papaer and try to upload the same files. So it would be better for the user to download the papaers in a less amount of time

    Thank You,
    Sagar Uddagiri

    1. admin

      Hi Sagar,
      Thanks a lot for your time and good suggestion.
      I will try to implement that suggestion for the convenience of readers / students.


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