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AP 10th Class Physical Sciences – Important Questions

AP 10th Important Questions

Read the answers for the following important questions.
1) Sketch the diagram of Rutherfords' atomic model and label its parts. (5 Marks)
2) Draw a neat diagram showing the extraction of Magnesium from its
ore and label its various Parts. (5 M)
3) Explain Nuclear reactor and how the chain reaction is controlled.
(4 M)
4) Describe the experiment to find the velocity of sound in air by resonating air columns. (4 M)
5) Compare the properties of α, β and γ- radiations. (4 M)
6) How do you classify solids on the basis of electrical behaviour? explain. (4 M)
7) Explain Pauli's exclusive principle with examples. (4 M)
8) Explain s-p overlap with examples. (4 M)
9) State the Postulates o Bohr's model and write the two main
defects of this model. (4 M)
10) Define a drug- what are the characteristics of an ideal drug. (4 M)
11) Differentiate between mass and weight of a body. (2 M)
12) What is Doping? (2 M)
13) What are Hardware and software of a computer. (2 M)
14) Define the terms.
a) Magnetic susceptibility and
b) Magnetic Permeability. (2 M)
15) Calculate the number of moles of NaOH present in 750 ml of 0.4 M solution. (2 M)
16) Define and give two examples for each
I) cosmetic and II) Pharmaceuticals. (2 M)
17) Draw the shapes of
1) H2O and PCl3 molecules. (2 M)
18) Mention the methods of manufacture of cement. (2 M)

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