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AP 10th Class Maths Question Paper 1

Here is Mathematics Model Paper / Question Paper -1 for 10th Class / SSC students of Andhra Pradesh. These questions are representative in nature from all the sections. Practice the previous papers more and get good marks in SSC Public Examinations. This question paper was asked in 2007 SSC examinations. You can download the same from the link given below.

1) Define Tautology. Show that the statement p v (-p) is a Tautology.
2) The 8th term of an A.P. is 17 and the 19th term is 39. Find the 25th term.
3) Find the nth term of the geometric progression 100, -100, 121 ..........
4) The symbol for existential quantifier is ............
5) ......... tern if the A.P. 10, 8, 6, ....... is -28.

SSC Mathematics Question Paper 1 - Complete Paper

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