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AP – 10th Class Maths Model Papers, Weightage and Blue Print

AP 10th class exams The Government of Andhra Pradesh is set to conduct 10th Class / SSC public examinations in the old pattern / scheme, but with new syllabus. The Government has decided to follow the new syllabus and existing exam pattern for the academic year 2014-15. Following are details of Mathematics question paper, syllabus division for various chapters / topics and weightage for various chapters and type of questions in Public Examinations to be conducted in March 2015.

Maths questions papers (Model papers) also given below for the benefit of AP Students. The SCERT has released the model question papers along with blue print for various chapters.

Following are chapters / topics included for Paper - 1: Real Numbers, Sets, Polynomials, Pair of Linear equations in two variables, quadratic equations, progressions and co-ordinate geometry.

Chapters / topics for Paper - 2: Similar Triangles, Tangents and secants to a circle, mensuration, trigonometry, applications of trigonometry, probability and statistics.

There will be two papers for Mathematics subject. The theory part is for 35 marks and bit paper for 15 marks, as like in the previous year. Following are model question papers for the public exam:

10th Class Maths Model Question Paper for AP Students 2014-15

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