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AP 10th Class English Previous Model Papers

English is the difficult subject for most of the Telugu medium students of 10th Class in Andhra Pradesh. SSC students who are going to appear for Tenth Class Public Examinations in March - April can use these 2006 Question Papers (English Paper I and Paper II) for practice. Total marks for the question paper is 50. Short answer questions and stanza will carry 20 marks. Bits will be there for 30 marks. Bits include Multiple choice questions, matching, Direct - Indirect speech, Voice, verbs and prepositions. Following are some model bits. Fill in the blanks choosing the right words from those given in the brackets:

1) A large number of people turned ------ for the meeting (in, on, out)
2) It's not easy to keep a secret ------ two friends (among, between, in)
3) The bus is overloaded ------- passengers (for, in, with)
4) The king always looked ------- himself in the mirror (for, at, on)

Fill in the blanks with correct forms of the verbs.

1) If our team -------- (play) the game well, we ---------- (win) the match last week.

Report the following in indirect speech.

Gandhi said, 'I should be here at the stroke of five'.
Ans. Gandhi said...........................

SSC English Model Paper 1 - Telugu Medium

SSC 2006 English Model Paper 2 - Telugu Medium

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