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AP 10th Class English Paper 2 EM Model Paper

Andhra Pradesh SSC Public Examinations, March
English Paper - II Parts - A and B
Time: 2 1/2 hours Max. Marks: 50

Part - A  (Time: 1 1/2 hours - Marks: 30)
(1-10) Answer any FIVE of the following questions. Each answer should be in one or two sentences. 5 × 1 = 5

1. Why did the people of Venice love and respect Antonio?
2. 'Antonio hated Shylock for more than one reason'. What were the reasons?
3. Why was Portia unable to talk to Falconbridge?
4. What was the bad news about Antonio?
5. Describe briefly how Jessica escaped from her father's house.
6. What was the Prince of Morocco worried about?
7. What did Portia and Nerissa hope to happen?
8. 'I am dazed, said Bassanio. Why do you think he was dazed?
9. What did Portia tell Nerissa about their future plans?
10. Antonio was ready to die. What did he tell Bassanio before getting ready for death?

11. Read the following passage carefully. 5 × 1 = 5
"You seem to be a worthy judge. Please go ahead and give your judgement. No man on earth can change my mind. I will not accept anything except the pound of flesh due to me." Now answer the following questions.
a) Who is speaking these words?
b) Who is the speaker addressing to?
c) Why does the speaker say that the person is a good judge?
d) What had the person asked the speaker?
e) What is 'the pound of flesh' the speaker is referring to?

12. Write a story using the hints given below in about 200 words. Divide the story into two or three paragraphs. (10 M)
An ant ...... afraid of men ...... wished to be strong and big like a cat ...... saw a dog chasing the cat ...... wished to be a dog ..... saw .... a boy throwing stones at the dog ..... thought .... better to remain an ant ..... no one notice him. (OR)
A crow .... thirsty .... no water around .... flies around ..... searches for water ..... find water in a pot .... water at bottom .... cannot reach .... thinks of a plan .... looks around ..... found small stones ..... drops small stones into the pot .... water comes up ..... drinks ..... feels happy .... flies away.

13. There have been many thefts in the neighbouring houses of your locality. There was a theft in the temple. Another house was broken open when the owners were away. Write a letter to the Station House Officer of the area drawing his attention to this. (OR)
You are planning to go to Kolkata after your examinations. Write to your friend asking him/ her to receive you at the station. Also ask him/ her to make reservation for your return journey by train. (10 M)

Part - B (Time: 1 hr. - Marks: 20)

14. Read the following passage carefully. The police saw at once how fingerprints could help them. They began to keep record of fingerprints of people who were known to be criminals. When the police want to find out whether a suspect
has committed other crimes before, they take his fingerprints and compare them with those they have. With so many prints on record, it would seem very hard to check but an expert can usually find out in a few minutes. Now answer the following questions in a word or a phrase each. 5 × 1 = 5
a) Who wanted use the fingerprints?
Ans: .......................
b) What did the police keep with them?
Ans: .......................
c) Was it easy to keep records of fingerprints?
Ans: .......................
d) Who can check the fingerprints easily?
Ans: ......................
e) One word in the passage means 'murderers' or 'burglars'. What is that word?
Ans: .....................

15. Read the following passage carefully.
By the time he was twenty, Bobby was the sculling champion of Australia. The following year he went to
Amsterdam to compete in the Olympic Games. In the finals he competed against Ken Myers of America. From the start of the race Bobby was in the lead. After half the race was over, he was still leading, and very much ahead of Myers. It seemed that Bobby would easily win the race. Then suddenly something happened. Bobby heard a shout from the bank and he looked over his shoulder. He saw a duck and her ducklings swimming across the waterway. They were swimming into the path of his boat and the boat was going to into them. The poor birds had no idea that they were in the middle of an Olympic Race!

Immediately Bobby slowed down his boat. Myers was catching up very quickly. The people on the bank were cheering and shouting as if they were mad. But Bobby waited until all the ducklings were out of danger. Then he picked up speed again and went on to win the race easily. Of all the Olympic champions, it was he who won everybody's heart. A dutch Newspaper wrote, "He won the goodwill of the children of Amsterdam."

Now answer the following questions.
a) Each of the following questions has four choices. tick the correct answer. 4 × 1 = 4
1. During the Olympic finals, Bobby stopped and waited in the middle of the race ....
A) to relax. ( ) B) to let the ducklings pass. ( )
C) because he was tired.( ) D) to let Myers catch up with him ( )

2. The people on the bank were cheering and shouting as it they were mad. this sentence means-
A) They were mad and so were cheering and shouting.( )
B) They were cheering and shouting like mad people.( )
C) They were cheering and shouting and so were mad.( )
D) They were vexed with the event. ( )

3. 'Myers was catching up very quickly'- Means-
A) Myers was catching the ducks and ducklings quickly.( )
B) Myers was holding the ducks up. ( )
C) Myers was giving up the competition. ( )
D) Myers was reaching the same level as Bobby. ( )

4. He won everybody's heart because-
A) He won the rowing race. ( ) B) He defeated Ken Myers. ( )
C) He proved himself hopeless. ( ) D) He was kind to the ducks. ( )

b) Given below are six statements. Three of them are true. Find the true statements and write (T) against them in the brackets. 3 × 1 = 3
1. The Olympic Games were being held in America. ( )
2. After half the race was over, Bobby and Myers were close to each other. ( )
3. Bobby saw the ducks and ducklings when someone shouted at him from the bank. ( )
4. The birds did not know that they were in the middle of the race. ( )
5. Bobby let the ducks pass and so lost the race. ( )
6. Bobby slowed down his boat as soon as he saw the birds in his path.

16. Read the following passage carefully.
Eskimos live in houses called igloos. An igloo is made of large square pieces of ice. But the igloo itself is not square. It looks like half of a big white ball standing on a white field of ice. It has a low opening for a door. It even has a window which is just a hole covered with a thin sheet of ice which lets the light in. An Eskimo can build an igloo for his family in an hour. Inside this house, an Eskimo sleeps on a bed made of hard snow. he uses skins of animal for sheets and covers. There is always a lamp burning inside the house, which gives the light and is also used for cooking. The lamp is made of soapstone. It is filled with blubber, an oily material got from whales, which burns easily. Over the lamp is placed a cooking pot, also made of soapstone. Men, women and children wear clothing made of fur. When it is very cold, they wear two layers of fur clothing, one on top of the other. the first layer has the hair turned inwards and the second layer has the hair turned outwards. When it is warm, one layer of seal skin is enough.

Now answer the following questions.
a) The Eskimos depend on living beings on land and sea for two important things. What are they? Answer
in a phrase each. 2 × 1 = 2
1. ..................... 2. ....................
b) There are five words in List 'A'. The meanings of four of them are given in List 'B'. Choose the right word from List - A to match each of the meanings in List-B and write it in the space provided against each meaning. 4 × 1/2 = 2
List-A: field, sheet, fur, layer, warm
List - B
1) Soft, thick fine hair on some type of animals ....
2) A covering that is spread on top of another thing .....
3) An open area of land .....
4) A broad piece of something thin ......

c) Complete the following sentences using a word. 2 × 1/2 = 1
1) Eskimos make igloo out of large pieces of ...... .
2) The Eskimo's ........ is made of hard snow.

d) An igloo is very different from the kind of houses most of us live in. However, it is similar to our houses in two ways. What are they? Your answers need not be in complete sentences. 2 × 1 = 2
1) ......................... 2) .........................

e) Answer in a word or a phrase each. 2 × 1/2 = 1
1) How soon can Eskimo build an igloo?
Ans: .....................
2) What is the lamp and cooking pot made of?
Ans: .....................

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