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AP- 10th Class English Paper 1 Practice Questions

Tenth Class English Paper - I (English Medium) - Practice Questions

I. Important questions from Lessons 9,10 and Poems 4 and 5: 2 Marks
1. Why did the dancing girl ask Upagupta for his forgiveness? Why did he decline her invitation? (Upagupta)
A. The girl asked him for his forgiveness as her feet had touched him and disturbed his sleep.
He declined her invitation as he was an ascetic, and was not interested in bodily comforts or pleasures. But he promised to visit her when the time was ripe, when she would need his help.
2. Why was the dancing girl lying beside the rampart? What did Upagupta do when he saw her there? (Upagupta)
A. The dancing girl was affected by a terrible disease which was contagious. Her body was full of sores. So the people of the town had driven her out of the town in a hurry, for the fear of contacting the disease. She was lying beside the rampart, as there was no one to care for her. When Upagupta saw her there, he took her head on to his knee, moistened her lips with
water and applied balm to soothe the sores on her body.
3. How did Aram justify his cousin's way of getting hold of a horse? Why did he think it wasn't stealing at all? (The beautiful white horse)
A. Aram justified his cousin's way, saying, getting hold of a horse for a ride was not the same as stealing. He thought it wasn't stealing as the two boys were crazy about horses. He felt that it would not become stealing until they offered the horse for sale, which he knew they would never do.

II. Select the option that conveys the meaning of each underlined word in the sentence in which it occurs . (1/2 mark each).
1. Rats generally hide themselves in murky corners.
a) far corners b) dark and unpleasant c) deep holes d) cold
2. Charles slammed the door as he walked out.
a) knocked on b) closed noiselessly c) broke open d) shut with a loud sound
3. His persistence irked me.
a) amused b) impressed c) irritated d) convinced
4. His disinterested appeal to appeal to help the flood victims fell on deaf ears.
a) unselfish b) uninterested c) unjust d) passionate
5. The headmaster exhorted the students to attend school regularly.
a) requested b) ordered c) urged d) punished

III. Choose the alternative that best fits the blank (1/2 mark each):
1. Before trying ....... the car, it is better to check the bus time-table.(start, to start, starting)
2. One of the virtues of being young is that you don't let the facts ..... in the way of your imaginations. (get, getting, to get)
3. I enjoy ........... as I go about doing my daily chores. (sing, to sing, singing)
4. She promised ........... me to complete my project. ( help, to help, helping)
5. She avoided ......... her father for the fear of being admonished.(meet, to meet, meeting)

IV. Read sentence (a) Then complete sentence (b) using the ideas in(a). Keep sentence (b) as close in meaning as possible to sentence (a). (1 mark each)

1. a) Tomorrow is Sunday. It is not necessary for you to wake up early.
b) You need not wake up early tomorrow as it is a Sunday.
2. a) If you don't hurry, you may miss the bus.
b) You have to hurry, or you will miss the bus.
3. a) He understands Telugu. We don't have to translate the speech for him.
b) We needn't translate the speech for him because he understands Telugu.
4. a) We are obliged to follow the rules.
b) We ought to follow the rules.
5. a) You are not allowed to drive without a license.
b) You mustn't drive without a license.

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