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AP 10th Class English Model Questions and Answers

The Beautiful White Horse and Knowledge and Wisdom
I’ll Get One Tomorrow
Important Questions and Answers

Q. How did Aram justify his cousin’s way of getting hold of a horse?
(The Beautiful White Horse)

A. Aram had been longing to ride a horse. So when his cousin brought a horse and asked him to come if he wanted to ride, he tried to
justify it. He felt that stealing a horse for a ride was not the same as stealing something like money. It couldn’t be considered stealing at all if one were as crazy of horses as they were.
It wouldn’t become stealing until they offered to sell the horse, which they would never do.

Q. How did Uncle Khosrove react to the news that John Byro’s horse had been stolen? (The Beautiful White Horse)

A. Uncle Khosrove was an enormous man with black hair and a large mustache. He was very impatient by nature. He would stop any
one from talking, by roaring -‘It’s no harm. Pay no attention to it.’
He considered John Byro’s loss of horse a trivial matter. He was irritated when Byro listed his problems. He thought they were
silly and could be solved easily. When Byro said that the
horse cost him sixty dollars, Khosrove said that he spit on (disregarded) money.

Q. What sort of a man was John Byro?
(The Beautiful White Horse)

A. John Byro was a simple farmer who was worried when his horse was lost. He had to suffer a lot but still, he did not accuse the boys of stealing his horse, even when he saw them with his horse. He recognized his horse, but did not claim it was his. He said that he knew the fame of boys’ family for honesty and added that a suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his heart. Hence, the boys felt ashamed for their action and returned his horse the next morning.

Q. In what way did the war conducted by Lincoln differ from other wars? (Knowledge and Wisdom)

A. Wars generally involve destruction, violence and bloodshed. Abraham Lincoln waged a war against slavery and won it without resorting to destruction, violence or bloodshed. He used non-violence as a weapon against the violence of the whites and still
emerged successful/ victorious. In this way, the war conducted by Lincoln differed from other wars.

Q. What does increase in knowledge result in? (Knowledge and Wisdom)

A. Increase in knowledge results in an increase in our capacity of realizing our purposes and augments our capacity for evil, if our purposes are unwise. Russell says that even the best technicians
ought to be good citizens, i.e., people who have a lot of knowledge have to be very wise too, not narrow minded or fanatic about their own sect or nation. Thus, more wisdom becomes necessary, in order not to misuse the knowledge-to use it with caution.

Q. What are the different ways in which the poet was troubled by his hair? (I’ll get one tomorrow)

A. Ogden Nash says that his hair runs like torrents, it irks and frets him. His hair keeps growing continuously, climbs like ivy around his ears, it gambols across his collar, it ambles down his neck, it trips down and tickles where it trips.

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