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AP – 10th Class English Model Paper 1 – Previous Question Paper 2006

Here is another practice paper for 10th Class students. This is SSC English Paper -1 of the 2006 Public Examinations. Candidates can practice or download this paper. There are two parts in this examination. Part - A consists of descriptive type (short answer) questions for 20 marks. Part - B contains objective type bits for 30 marks. Students can score good marks in both parts if they practice more number of model / previous question papers. Here we are giving some model questions from this paper:

1) Why did the King flee to the forest?
2) What made Polya want learn to read and write?
3) What are the three methods suggested by Bahuguna to solve the problem of deforestation?
4) Why did narrator want to see the manager alone?
5) Who was Blandfored and who was he waiting for?
6) Do you this the curse of Tutenkhamen was real? why?
7) "Sudha's search began". What did the search lead to?
8) What is the lesson we can learn from the story of the dogs?
9) Why does the poet like a hill and wood in the month of April?
10) What kind of a place does the poet want his country to be?

These are short answer type questions. Complete question paper is available below:

10th Class English Model Paper 2006

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