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Andhra Pradesh Senior Inter Botany Model Paper 2

Intermediate Botany Paper - II Model Paper
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 60

Section - A
Note: 1. Answer All the questions at one place in the same order.
2. All are Very Short Answer Type questions.
3. Every answer may be limited to 5 lines. 10 × 2 = 20

1. Write the differences between cryptogams and phanerogams.
2. Write about the peristomal teeth in Funaria. What is their
3. How many neck canal cells are present in archegonium of Pteris? How do they differ from neck canal cells of archegonium of Funaria?
4. Mention any two plant diseases caused by Xanthomonas.
5. What is diffusion? Give two examples of diffusion in plants.
6. Define micro elements and give two examples.
7. What are the two objections to Cohesion - Tension theory?
8. What are terminating codons? Give examples.
9. What is photolysis of water? Which inorganic ions are necessary for photolysis?
10. Define rhizogenesis and caulogenesis.

Section - B
Note: 1. Answer any Six questions.
2. All are Short Answer Type questions.
3. Every answer may be limited to 20 lines. 6 × 4 = 24

11. Write the differences between scalariform conjugation and lateral conjugation in Spirogyra.
12. Describe lytic cycle.
13. Write the importance of Microbiology.
14. Describe briefly the mechanism of stomatal opening and closing.
15. Explain Lock and Key hypothesis.
16. Describe the role of cytokinins and abscisic acid in agriculture
and horticulture.
17. What are the uses of single cell proteins?
18. Describe briefly polyploidy breeding.

Section - C
Note: 1. Answer any Two questions.
2. All are Long Answer Type questions.
3. Every answer may be limited to 60 lines. 2 × 8 = 16

19. Describe the internal structure of rhizome of Pteris.
20. Describe the Tri carboxylic acid cycle that occurs in mitochondrial matrix. (Kreb's cycle/ Citric acid cycle).
21. Describe briefly the cultivation of white button mushrooms.

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