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Andhra DSC – SGT Previous Question Paper 2008

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced DSC recruitment notification 2012 recently. Here we are giving DSC previous question paper of SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher) Examination issued by Department of School Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. English Question Paper 2008 DSC - SA is also available here. We hope this previous model question paper will be immensely helpful for the candidates who are going to appear for DSC recruitment in 2012. Question paper is available for download. Answers also given for all the questions in all sections like General Awareness, General English, Mathematics Methodology etc. Here is a part of the question paper from General English. Get full version of SGT question paper from the link given below:

Read the following passage and answer the questions given there under.

Snakes are wonderful creatures. They have no legs at all. They how do they move about? They can crawl on their bellies. They have no ears either. Don't they listen to sound? You 've seen a cobra raise the front of its body spreads its hood and hiss loudly swaying its body to the rhythm of the music of the charmer's pipe haven't you? How then ,can it dance to the charmer's tune?It is simple . The cobra does not listen to the music. But it merely looks at the charmer's pipe and sways its body to the swinging of the pipe.

The passage is about?
1) the nature of snakes
2) the charmer's pipe
3) the music of the charmer
4) snakes and their dance
Ans: the nature of snakes

Find the correct statement?
1) The charmer has to blow the pipe to make the snake dance
2) The charmer has to use a long pipe to make the snake dance
3) The charmer has to move the pipe to make the snake dance
4) The snake has to hiss to make the charmer blow the pipe

Ans: The charmer has to move the pipe to make the snake dance

If the charmer stands still and blows the pipe?
1) the snake will not dance
2) the snake will listen to him
3) the snake will enjoy the tune
4) the snake will sway its body to the rhythm of the music

Ans: the snake will not dance

Download AP - DSC SGT 2008 Question Paper

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