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Abroad Education – Eligibility Requirements for USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Other Countries

Most of the institutions require a First class pass and many institutions accept second class pass as well. But the requirements of other testes vary from country to country and also to the institutions.

For USA:
GRE and TOEFL/ IELTS are recommended for most of the institutions and it’s a must for some of the institutions. Some institutions still accept without the GRE but its advisable to have it for the visa purpose. For Business courses, GMAT will be required. Students with lesser backlogs will have a higher chances of admission when compared to students with more backlogs.

For Free Education Countries:
TOEFL/ IELTS is a compulsory for all the institutions but the requirement of GRE is specifically required for most of the institutions in the Engineering courses. Its also observed the admissions are given to the students with a high Academic percentage.

For Ausralia/ NZ:
IELTS/ Toefl is a must and most of the institutions need IELTS 6 bands or more. GRE/ GMAT is not a requirement and students with good academic percentages stand a chance of getting scholarships.

For Canada:
Most of the students go the community colleges in Canada and they require only IELTS. But there is condition on the no of backlogs the student has during his/ her course. Its compulsory that the student should not have more than 8-10 backlogs for his admissions and Visa. GRE and GMAT are required by the universities depending on the courses the student chooses.

For UK:
Most of the institutions need only Toefl/ IELTS for the admission but some institutions waive IELTS/ Toefl if he has good scores in his previous studies.

For Singapore and other Countries:
For these countries, the entry criteria is very simple and easy with a Bachelors first class pass.

There might be a higher requirement based on the institutions. Keeping in mind the above facts its advisable that the student starts processing in the beginning of their final year so as to get admits in better universities and to get scholarships which are often given a first come first basis.

Application Deadlines for various countries

Admission Schedules for Various Countries

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