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Abroad Education Application Deadlines for USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Other Countries

The deadlines of various institutions differ depending on the course and their processing times. It will also depend on the countries they have chosen.

For USA: For September intake- Some of the good institutions have deadlines as early as December of the previous year. March is the deadline for the most of the institutions and May is the deadline for some of the other institutions. Its very important that they hurry up now to make sure that they don’t miss on the deadlines and immediately apply for the same.

For AUS/ NZ: July Intake- Though most of the institutions don’t have a deadline for the application, the student have to be aware that the processing time for the admission varies from 3-4 weeks and they also have to keep in mind that the visa is a drop box system and it will as well take 2-4 weeks for the approval.

For Free Education Countries (Germany, Sweden, Austria):
The admission in these countries is a very long process and most of the instutions have their deadlines in May. But its always advisable to apply earlier as there is a higher chance of getting admission into the institution. It always advisable that they apply much before and may be before December to have higher chances of admission.

For UK: September Intake- Most of the institutions have deadline until July and few can be applied later as well. The admission process is fast and the visa is also approved faster. So for UK, even if the process is started as late as in July, the student will be still be able to make it most of the institutions.

For Canada: Sep Intake- If the student is applying for Universities, its advisable to make sure that the applications are done as early as possible even though the deadlines are until May. Some universities have deadlines in March but the admission process takes a longer time ranging from 6 weeks to 12 weeks and some times more. Where as if the student is applying for community colleges the general deadline is May but many of the institutions accept until July.

Other countries: For other countries, the admission and Visas are much easier and faster and its advisable to the students that they start the process 2 months before the intake.

Admission Schedule in Various Countries

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