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9 Tips to Overcome Medium Problem

In the present scenario admission to the professional courses like Engineering, MBA etc is much easier because of increase in number of seats and establishment of colleges even in rural areas. Recent estimates indicate that only top 30% to 40% may get jobs in the good sectors. With the increase in competition one should require quality education and additional skills. Not only the knowledge the companies also demands soft skills.  Most of the recruitment sectors observer in the student are  1) Knowledge and intelligence 2) Physical smartness 3) Sharp mind 4) Leadership qualities 5) Fluency in English 6) Communication skills 7) Confidence level 8) Capacity to work in group environment 9) Soft skills 10) Professional ethics 11) Hands on the Experience  in the elevent field.12)  Behavioral skills

One of the major hurdles faced by the rural students is the “medium”.  Even though the teacher may give explanation in regional language some times, for the absorption of the subject in the class room the students are unable to reproduce it properly in the Examinations.  English Communication and lack of subject reproducibility is a usual problem with Telugu medium people.  The indirect effect of this problem is “development of inferiority complex and reduction of leadership quality”.  . If the student is keen to improve their excellence in exams, the following tips may be useful.

1.    Start each day with a greeting in English – Like Good Morning or How do you do. This enhances your confidence levels and adds a feel good factor
2.    Watch as many English News channels as possible. Preferably if you are an Indian, try to watch BBC channels since the pronunciation is in line with ours.
3.    Use sentences to reply to questions rather than a simple YES or NO.
4.    When you are listening to a friend or a speaker, try to rephrase, what you have listened to in English.
5.    Writing questions in English is another effective method of finding answers in English.
6.    Each day practice crosswords/jumbles in English Papers and read English news papers, and science magazines
7.    Start spelling out each word when you write a notes or an article.
8.    Think in English – This is a tip related to MTI, but is not easy to follow. Most of the Language related problems arise due to the inability to think in a particular language. Hence it’s important to think in English.
9.    Now a days most of the Colleges are establishing English Communication skills labs. From first year on wards, utilize communication skills lab seriously and participate in the group discussion with in and outside the college. Involve yourself deeply in seminar paper contest, additional training   classes and competitions conduct by the college, which helps in the campus recruitment and job placement.

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