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9 Tips for Success in Visa Interview

Visa interview is the most crucial phase in your efforts to fly overseas for higher education. Your chances of success in Visa interview will significantly increase if you get ready yourself scrupulously for the interview. The homework for successful visa interview consists of the following precautions:

1. The most important thing what a student has to be cautious about is that he has to convince the Visa officer that he will come back to India. So when posed with the question, he has to make sure that he explains about the opportunities available in India and also his genuine intentions of going to the USA. He has to be clear that he is mainly going to the USA for studies and not settlement.

2. During studies, the student doesn’t have work permit rights. So, the student is not allowed to work part time. So, when asked about these questions, he has to be clear that he will not work during studies.

3. The students have to be honest in their answers. If they have a sibling or other relatives in the USA, there is no need to hide the information. They can mention about the same and this information will not effect their visas. Rather if they are trying to hide the information and fumble while answering, their visas stand a chance of getting rejected.

4. Most of the students would be facing the interview for the first time and they are generally tensed. The student has to make sure that he is answering the questions confidently and to the point. If they are not answering to point or giving very lengthy answers, there are chances that the visa officer might reject their visas.

5. Candidates should also be clear of the reason for opting to the USA. When asked about the other options available including India, the student has to make it clear why he is opting to the USA and his reasons for opting the same.

6. The student also should be very clear about their career goals and his career options. When asked about what he would want to do after Masters, depending on the course he is taking up at USA, he should be having a clarity on the Job options available and also having clear Aim in life.

7. The candidate should have clarity on the funds available for his studies in the USA and also about who is sponsoring if any other than his parents.

8. The student should be having clarity on his course curriculum and also on his Qualifications. When asked about the course being taken up, he should be able to explain the connection of the same.

9. Candidate should make clear to the Visa officer that he has no intentions of working in the USA even after the studies and his primary reason is to get exposure and studies.

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