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8 Helpful Tips to Choose Engineering Branch and College

Engineering aspirants find it difficult to choose an appropriate branch. There are so many specializations in all the states. Students also will be having number of apprehensions while going for some unpopular branches. The choice of branch depends upon individual’s background and future plans. Here are some broad issues to be taken into consideration while choosing a branch.

1. If student like programming go for CSE or IT
2. If student loves electronics & electrical oriented things go for ECE, EEE, EIE, ECM etc.
3. If student interests designing & repair of machineries, automobiles etc go for Mech., Automobile, and Production etc.
4. If student loves design & construction of roads & building go for Civil, B. Arch
5. If student likes design and manufacturing of chemicals, fertilizer, petrochemical products go for Chemical Engineering.
6. Students can also choose Bio-tech. which is up coming technology where in large scope for developing for conventional natural products such as Bio Energy, Bio drugs, Bio diesel etc.
7. There is no discrimination among the branches.
8. All branches have a good future but some branches have better edge.

Coming to Engineering course, the question arises how to select a branch and college. Before choosing the career, concentrate on the following points.

1) What is the ultimate goal?
2) Which field you like?
3) What are the prospects of the field on the long run?
4) What are related courses to enter into the field?
5) In which University / College these courses are available?
6) What is rank in the entrance exam?
7) What is the facilities available, faculty position campus placement, academic Excellency (NBA accreditation NAAC Grade and ISO 9000 certificate) of the college?
8) Tuition fees and living expenses.

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