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5 Years Integrated MBA Programs in IITs

There are many Universities/ Institutes offering the Integrated MBA including IIT-K and IIT-B (B.Tech with MBA) with JEE scores. Similarly other Universities providing the same course like you mentioned. VIT university course is new and the first batch would be passing out this year and we need to wait for the effectiveness. However the course design and the various assignments that the students are currently undergoing are as per the current trends. These are the new age courses trying to build a long term capability with strong foundation. However any course you take would depend on how much you expose yourself to the external world for experience and practice. In Hyderabad JNTU announced such programs which are offered similar to that of IIT-Kharaghpur and Bombay…JNTU have an option of doing B.Tech and M.Tech or B.Tech and MBA as dual degrees in 5 years of course. The admission is based on the entrance
exam EAMCET.

Choosing Sectoral Specialisations:

There are some sectoral specializations like Agriculture Management, Retail Management etc. Based on your current graduation you may have to choose such MBA programs. Traditionally the MBA was only one program of General Management. As time passed there are the other Functional Specializations emerged. With the changing business scenario’s you have the specializations in various domains. Agri management would require a basic graduation in agriculture. Others may not require and a base graduation should be enough. However since you are in graduation the best thing to do is to gain some amount of work experience to understand the organizations and Business. That would be a solid foundation for your career growth.

There are other specialisations like Construction & Infrastructure Management ( NICMAR), Banking and Finance, Health Care, Facilities, Hospitality and Tourism, Hospital and many more Management specialisations are available (PGDM Institutes). Based on your interest and your capabilities to acquire such program you can choose. Each one of these are built to give you specialized knowledge in that Domain.

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