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5 Reasons to go for Certificate Courses during Engineering Vacation

In the present scenario admission to the engineering course is much easier because of increase in number of seats and establishment of colleges even in rural areas. Recent estimates indicate that only top 30 percent to 40 percent may get jobs in the good sectors. With the increase in competition one should require quality education and additional skills. Not only the knowledge the companies also demands soft skills. Most of the recruitment companies assess the student in…

A) Knowledge and intelligence B) Physical smartness C) Sharp mind D) Leadership qualities E) Fluency in English F) Communication skills G) Confidence level H) Capacity to work in group environment I) Soft skills J) Professional ethics K) Hands on the Experience in the elevent field. L) Behavioral skills

Here are a few tips on topics you should concentrate during vacation:

1. If the student was week in soft skills which are mention in above concentrate on those skills in the vacation period, which helps in the campus recruitment and job placement.

2. Every Engineering student should have computer knowledge in his career. Keep on learning the basic computer courses throughout the graduation period irrespective of branch.

3. Each student thinks for a bright further and happy life it may be possible with the hard work and proper training in advanced technologies in all the four years.

4. Marks plays very important role to mould the career of the students. Many companies are giving importance to first class or distinction graduates. Even for higher studies some of universities giving weight age to marks.

5. Students can take training on different certificate courses which helps a lot at the time of campus placements. The following courses for different streams :

A. For CSE and IT students: dot net, java, oracle, DS, RDBMS etc courses are very important. Also certificate courses like Micro Soft, CISCO, Adobe etc helps for placements.
B. For Circuit branches like ECE, EEE, EIE etc.: C language, C++, DS, DSP processors, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Computer Hard Ware etc.
C. For Mechanical and Civil Engineering: Auto CAD & CAM and different Tool Design Concepts.

In conclusion, it is with utmost care and objective implementation that one may get the integration of knowledge by proper planning from First year to final year to achieve their goals. The future is yet to be built.

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