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10th English Paper 2 – Telugu Medium Model Paper

(1-10) Answer any FIVE of the following questions. Each
answer must be in one or two sentences. 5 × 1 = 5
1. 'Bassanio went to his friend Antonio and told him of his problem'. What was the problem?
2. Why did Shylock hate Antonio?
3. How did Antonio insult Shylock?
4. What made Nerissa believe that the lottery of caskets would
bring Portia a good husband?
5. Why was Shylock against Jessica marrying Lorenzo?
6. Why was Antonio arrested and thrown into prison?
7. What did Antonio write in his letter to Bassanio?
8. What was the crime Shylock had committed? How was he to be punished?
9. What made Bassanio change his mind about presenting the
ring to the lawyer?
10. What good news did Portia bring fox Antonio?
11. Read the following passage carefully.
"Wait. The law has another hold on you. It has now been
proved that you have been plotting against the life a citizen of
Venice. According to the law, half of your wealth goes to the
person against whom you were plotting. The other half goes to
the state of Venice. And your life is at the mercy of the Duke.
So kneel before the Duke and beg for his mercy".
 Now answer the following questions. 5 × 1 = 5
a) Who was the lawyer giving the judgement?
b) Who does 'you' refer to? Who is the citizen of Venice?
c) What is the penalty for plotting against the life of a citizen
of Venice?
d) Why should Shylock beg the Duke for mercy?
e) Shylock is going to loose two things. What are they?
12. Write a story using the hints given below, in about 200
words. Divide the story into paragraphs. (10 Marks)
A donkey and camel ...... good friends ..... go to a garden to eat
cabbages ..... while eating, donkey brays ..... gardener comes
and beats camel ..... camel angry with donkey ...... both want
to cross a river to eat fruits ..... camel carries donkey on its
back .... camel begins to dance ..... donkey drowns ..... Moral:
Crocodile in river ... wants to eat monkey on tree .... difficult ...
things of plan .... invites monkey to his house .... offers to carry
on its back .... halfway into river .... tells monkey his wife fond
of monkey's liver .... monkey clever .... says it has left liver on
tree .... asks to take him back .... climbs up the tree and
escapes ..... Moral:
13. You have read in the news paper about an essay writing.
competition for school students being organised by Ekalavya
Foundation's Vidya Vahini Wing. Write a letter to the convener
of the Wing and ask him to send you an entry form. Mention in
your letter that you have enclosed the fee for it. (10 Marks)
You hope to pass the SSC examination with high marks. For
higher studies, you want to go away from your village/ town to
a big city like Delhi and join a good college. You have a cousin
who is employed in Delhi. Write to him/ her seeking his/ her
advice and help.

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