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10th Class Physical Sciences Bit Bank with Answers

1. A Semi conductor acts as an insulator at - 0 K
2 The laser which helped to prove that the velocity of light is the same in all directions
is - He-Ne laser
3. The value of the magnetic permeability of free space µo = 4 π ×10-7 H/m
4 The velocity V of a sound wave of frequency (n) and wave length (λ) is given by - v = nλ
5 In a p-type semi conductor majority carriers are - holes
6 1 Calorie = 4.2 J
7 Deep Water region behaves as a - Rarer medium
8 The units of Intensity of magnetisation are - Tesla
9 β- Particles are - Electrons
10 Neptunium series is a - 4n+1 series
11 The radius of nucleus of an atom is - 10-13cm
12 A transformer works on the principle of - Mutual induction
13 The unit of B in S.I. System is - N/A-m
14 Refining and extraction of metals is - Metallurgy
15 The least count of a screw gauge when the pitch of the screw is 0.5 mm and the total no. of divisions on the head is '100' is - 0.005 mm
16 An example for diamagnetic substance is - Bi
17 Distance between two successive nodes is- λ/2
19 The energy gap is highest in the case of - insulator
20 Which one of the following is not a diamagnetic substance- Iron
21 In a stationary wave, the points at which the displacement is minimum are called - Nodes
22 Mass Energy relationship is E= mC2
23 Quantum theory was proposed by - Max Planck
24 The unit of electric current is - Ampere
25 The unit of 'pole srength' in S.I. units is - Ampere - metre

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