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10th Class Mathematics Paper 2 Practice Questions

We are giving some model questions of Mathematics Paper II of SSC / 10th Class Public Examinations. Tenth Class students can practice these 4 marks, 2 marks questions and fill in the blanks bits or questions given below.

1. If A = (4, 2), B = (1, y) and AB = 5. Find the possible values of y.
2. In what ratio is the line segment joining the points (4, 6) and (−7, −1) divided by the X − axis.
3. The mean of 10 observations is 16.3. By an error, one observation is registered as 32 instead of 23. Find the correct mean.
4. What are the essential components of a Computer.
5. Write about the historical development of a Computer.
6. If two circles of radii 5 cm and 11cm touch internally. Find the distance between their centres.
7. Find the slope of the line which is perpendicular to the line 3x − 2y +1 = 0.
8. If the median and the mode of a uni - modal data is 76.7 and 73.9. Find the arithmetic mean.
9. State and prove Basic Proportionality Theorem.
10. Find the value of t, If the area of the triangle formed by the vertices (t, 2t), (−2, 6) (3, 1) is 5 square units.
11. Find the area of the triangle enclosed between the coordinate axes and the line passing through (8, −3) and (−4, 12)
12. Solve 2x + 5y =11 and 4x −3y = 9 by Cramer’s method.
13. If Gopal purchased a radio set for Rs.600 and sold it for Rs.500. Find his profit/ loss and its percentage, using a flowchart.

Fill in the Blanks.

14. The angle in a semi-circle is ------------
15. Opposite angles of a Cyclic Quadrilateral are -------
16. C.P.U. stands for -------
17. Mode of 21, 14, 15, 14, 21, 10, 21 is -------
18. The range of the first 100 natural numbers is ------
19. The distance between the points (0, 1) and (8, K) is 10 then K = --------

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    hi, i'm from ,this is really useful for me ,and it contains only important answers for public,i hope this will be very useful for every one.and this is chance to test our skill on maths.


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