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10th Class English Model Paper – Telugu Medium

Here is the model question paper for English Subject (Paper - II) of Tenth Class / SSC. The paper is for Telugu Medium students. The question paper consists of two parts. These are Part A and Part B. Duration is 2-30 hours and maximum marks are 50. See the model paper below:

PARTS A and B - TIME: 2. 30 HOURS MAX. MARKS: 50
1. Answer all the questions under Part-A on a separate answer book.
2. Write the answers to the questions under Part-B on the question paper itself.
3. Start answering the questions as you read them.

PART - A (TIME: 1. 30 HOURS MARKS: 30)
Note: Use a separate answer book to answer the questions in
this part.
[1-10] Answer any five of the following questions. Each
answer must be in a sentence or two. 5 × 1 = 5
1. Why did the people of Venice love and respect Antonio?
2. Why was Shylock against Jessica marrying Lorenzo?
3. Why did Shylock hate Antonio?
4. What did the golden casket contain?
5. Why was Antonio arrested and thrown into a prison
6. What did Portia tell Nerissa about their future plans?
7. Why was Shylock very angry with Antonio?
8. Why was Shylock eager to hear the judgement of Daniel?
9. What did Antonio write in his letter to Bassanio?
10. What kind of a bond did Shylock want from Antonio?

11. Read the following passage carefully:
"Usually I don't lend or borrow money on interest. Still I have
agreed to borrow money on interest from you for the sake of
my friend".
Now answer the following questions. 5 × 1 = 5
1. Who is 'I' in the passage
2. Who was the 'friend' mentioned?
3. Why did the friend need money?
4. Whom were the words addressed to?
5. Why did the speaker agree to borrow money on interest?

12. Write a story using the hints given below in about 200
words. Divide it into three or four paragraphs.

Hints: Forest - two travellers - meet bear - one climbs a tree
- other lies down - as if dead - bear smells - goes away - first
traveller asks what the bear said - beware of friends - who run
away in danger. 1 × 10 = 10

Hints: A wood cutter cutting tree on a river bank - axe slips
and falls into river - sad - god comes out of water - with a
golden axe - wood cutter refuses - god comes up with a silver
one - again refuses - god brings wood cutter own axe -
happy and accepts it. god pleased - gave all the three axes.

13. You have read in the newspaper about a certificate course in
English being offered by English and foreign languages, university,
Write a letter to the programme officer to send you the
prospectus of the course. 1 × 10 = 10
Write a letter to your father describing about the school
annual day held last week.


Note: Write the answers to the questions in this part on the
question paper itself.
14. Read the following passage carefully.
A famous actor in a highly successful play once played the role of an aristocrat who had been imprisoned for twenty years. In the best act of the play, a jailor came on to the stage with a letter which he would give the prisoner. Eventhough the prisoner was expected to read the letter at each performance, he always insisted that it should be written out in full.
Now answer the following questions in a word or a phrase each. 5 × 1 = 5
a) What role did the famous actor play?
Ans: ____________________________
b) Who was imprisoned?
Ans: ____________________________
c) Who would bring the letter on to the stage?
Ans: ____________________________
d) What was expected from the prisoner?
Ans: ____________________________
e) What did the prisoner - actor insist on?
Ans: ____________________________

15. Read the following passage carefully.
Guglielmo Marconi was born at Bologna, Italy. His father was Italian and his mother Irish. He was educated first at Bologna and later in Florence. Then he studied physics at the technical school in Leghorn. It was here he had every opportunity to investigate electromagnetical work of James Clerk Maxwell and the experiments of Henrich Hertz, who first produced and transmitted radio waves. He also observed the experiments of Sir Oliver Lodge, who conducted
research on lightning and electricity. In 1894 he began experiments at his father's estate near Bologna. He invented a successful system of radio telegraphy in 1896.

For his ingenious invention in communication system he received many honours. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909 for the development of wireless telegraphy. In 1929 he was nominated to the Italian senate and later chosen President of the Royal Italian Academy.
A) Now answer the questions: 4 × 1 = 4
1. Marconi's father was
a) Irish b) Italian
c) American d) Negro ( )
2. He was first educated at
a) Florence b) Japan
c) Bologna d) Ireland ( )
3. When did marconi begin experiments
a) 1894 b) 1898
c) 1850 d) 1893 ( )
4. In which subject he received the Nobel Prize
a) Chemistry b) Physics
c) Astronomy d) Geology ( )
B) Six statements are given below Three of them are true.
Find the true statements and write (T) in brackets: 3 × 1 = 3
1. Marconi invented radio telegraphy ( )
2. James Clerk Maxwell produced radio waves ( )
3. His mother was also Italian ( )
4. Marconi was born in Italy ( )
5. He was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics ( )
6. He was later educated in Bologna ( )

16. Read the following passage carefully.
There are innumerable fish, creatures, plants and insects
living in the oceans. One of them is a shark. It is said that
sharks have lived on the earth for more than 180 million
years. Although they live in all the oceans of the world they
are found mostly in subtropical and tropical waters.
There are about 350 kinds of sharks. The largest sharks are
the whale shark and the basking shark, which feed on plankton
and smell fish. The adult shark grows about 13 meters
long, while the basking shark extends a little over 8 meters.
Most of the sharks are not ferocious. On the other hand,
there are a number of sharks which have killed swimmers.
These killer sharks include mako, the great hammer head
lemon, blue and of course the great white shark. The great
white shark is the largest and the most dangerous of all animals
known to attack humans. It weighs more than 1,300
kilogram. It can swim through rough water also at a speed of
32 kilometres per hour. However, the fastest swimmer in the
shark family is the blue shark, which can swim at a speed of
nearly 72 kilometres per hour.
Now answer the following questions. 2 × 1 = 2
a) What are the two waters where sharks are found?
(i) Ans: ____________________________
(ii) Ans: ____________________________
b) Chose the right words from the list. 4 × 1/2 = 2
List A: innumerable, ferocious, include, bask, feed.
List B: i) live on ----
ii) very dangerous and angry ---
iii) countless ----
iv) sunbath ----
c) Complete the following sentences. 2 × 1/2 = 1
i) The largest shark is the ----
ii) A number of sharks have killed ----
d) The earth has two kinds of motions. What are they?
2 × 1 = 2
i) For how long have sharks lived on earth?
Ans: ----
ii) Which is the fastest swimmer of the shark family?
Ans: ----
e) Answer the following questions. 2 × 1/2 = 1
i) On what does the basking shark feed?
ii) Are all the sharks ferocious?

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