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10th Class English – CCE Pattern Tips and Strategy for AP and Telangana Students

IPE Exams in AP Board of Secondary Education, Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh have made remarkable changes to impart vocabulary and analytical skills among the 10th class students. For this they have introduced C.C.E pattern (Summative Assessment).

In order to gain good grade points the students should have thorough knowledge in the text book. They should maintain good vocabulary and
communicative skills to answer all questions in the paper. Complete knowledge of tenses, articles, prepositions, synthesis of sentences, idioms, phrasal verbs is very much essential.

Three sections in the exam:

Section A - Reading Comprehension
Section B - Grammar and Vocabulary
Section C - Creative Writing

To gain good marks in Paper 1, the Text Book should be thoroughly read. Every detail covered in the text book should be understood and practised. Using Dictionary is mostly advised. To gain good marks in Paper 2, extensive reading is advised.

Reading news papers and journals regularly will help you in handling the language and difficult terms. Learn new words, their meanings and
usage with the help of dictionary. Practise grammar part.


This is an extremly scoring section and needs little amount of effort comparatively. Read the Text Book thoroughly and understand the 'concept' and 'theme' of the lesson. In case of text dependent poems, understand the theme and concept of the poem.

To answer Unseen Passages (Paper 2), read the passage carefully and you will be able to find the links to answer the questions. Unknown Poems (Paper 2) must be attempted wisely. Practise popular Poems by famous poets (Robert Frost, Sarojini Naidu etc) out of the Text book. Learn and understand Figures of speech prescribed in the curriculum - Simile, Metaphor and Personification.


Brush up basic rules and attempt as many questions as possible and learn from mistakes. Primarily gain clear knowledge in the Usage of Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, word forms. Also be perfectly aware of Text Book Reading - C passages.

Textual Grammar should never be ignored. Very importantly practise all the details of grammar covered in the Text Book. Do not ignore text-covered Idioms and phrases. Practise exercises that include; If
Clause, Voice, Reported Speech, Relative Clause, Adverbial Clause etc as Paper 2 covers Transformation of Sentences also.


Follow the formats religiously. Be aware of the themes mentioned in the Text Book. Gain awareness of current affairs too so that you can write on the most recent incidents.

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