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10 Skills Every Student Must Acquire for Good Career

In the globalizing world, nature of jobs and selection methods has been undergoing number of changes. Due to internationalization of corporate companies, Engineering, Management and all other student pursuing professional courses should improve their skill sets in many respects. Following are some of the most important skills every student should inculcate for a good career.

1.    Every student should have computer knowledge in his career.  Keep on learning the basic computer courses throughout the graduation period irrespective of branch.

2.    Keep yourself away from the misconcept about the superiority of a particular branch. Strength and weakness of the student will be counted in the job recruitment. Each branch / subject has its own potential. Reach the higher levels in a particular field and get a superior training.

3.    Priority and motivation should be given to sports and entertainment by forming the clubs to conduct different activities. Leadership qualities should be improved by participating Curricular and co – curricular activities like conducting college functions, participating number of events like technical discussion, paper presentation and quiz

4.    Parents have to monitor the performance of their child in regular intervals. Try to solve the problem faced by your children. There is a scope that the student may get laziness and irregularity in the studies. Because of spy freedom and no physical pressure he may go away from his responsibilities. The parents are advice to be in touch with class staff coordinator and head of the department to know the marks and daily attendance. Motivate your children encourage to participate invention activates and get counseling by suitable experts.

5.    Each student thinks for a bright further and happy life it may be possible with the hard work and proper training in advanced technologies in all the years of your course.

6.    Develop interactive skills, interpersonal skills, mingle ness with others, as a Good communicator, convincing abilities and team sprit.
7.    In any competitive examination like GATE, CAT, GRE aptitude tests are very important. Practice number of problems by collecting more number of books from first year onwards which a lot at the end of course.

8.    Marks plays very important role to mould the career of the students. Many companies are giving importance to first class or distinction graduates. Even for higher studies some of universities giving weight age to marks.

9.    Apart form the education it will be better to have a good character and habits. To achieve this, concentrate on the following points.

A.    Positive thinking and be regular to the classes
B.    Develop time sense.
C.    Make good friend circle and help the other needs.
D.    Participate in social activities like  NSS, NCC
E.    Constant learning and reading
F.    Technical and Literary Clubs – Will help students in honing the managerial skills while allowing them to escape in to creative worlds of learning.
G.    Nature Walks, Meditation and Stress relief classes – Will help in dealing with the mental tantrums and keep the health in fine shape.
H.    Quiz, Drama or Hobbies clubs – Students should invest in hobbies which will allow them time away from academics. These hobbies can be as slow as fishing / bird watching/star gazing to as quickly as quizzing.

10. In conclusion, it is with utmost care and objective implementation that one may get the integration of knowledge. The future is yet to be built with hard work and perseverance.

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